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Week 4 Overreactions Around The NFL

There is absolutely no guarantee in this league and week four proved it. The Jets keep winning, the Patriots keep losing and somehow E.J. Manuel was back on the field after literally no one knew he was in Oakland.

That is what makes the NFL so great though, every weekend you are going to see something different, and so what exactly did we learn this weekend? Let’s take a look:

The Jets Will Go 8-8 This Year

What a Jets thing to do. Everyone knows the team is one of the worst in the league and their desperate need for a quarterback will more than likely be addressed in the draft next year but they’re playing themselves right out of the top pick.

They beat the Dolphins in what amounted to a shutout (Cutler threw a touchdown in garbage time) and everyone, including Jets fans, thought that it was just a fluke. Not so. This week, New York beats the Jaguars in overtime! They’re literally costing themselves by doing this.

Granted the Jags did just get back from a long away game last week in London but it’s obvious that the Jets are good enough to at least keep up with everyone else. Looking ahead at their schedule I think the Jets can beat at least four of their next opponents and throw in a couple upsets because it’s the NFL.

All of the sudden the lowly Jets are sitting at 8-8 on the season and will find themselves in between a rock and a hard place with the draft. You do know what they say though. The Jets are the new Browns.

Matt Ryan Is A Fraud

Mr. MVP almost got away with it too. He had the fourth highest quarterback rating in Super Bowl history last year along with coming off a career MVP year. Everyone was so high on Matt Ryan thinking he had finally hit his peak.

They were wrong. This week as soon as Julio Jones left the game due to injury, Ryan and the Falcons’ explosive offense went from a TNT stick to a firecracker. Ryan threw two interceptions and Atlanta only scored one touchdown in the second half on the way to their first loss of the season.

Now you may be saying that’s only one game and I am overreacting to it. Well, first off, welcome to the point of this article and second, his whole season has been bad. He currently has the same amount of interceptions as touchdowns and frankly, the Falcons easily could be 1-3 but they’ve gotten lucky late in games

Matty Ice isn’t a bad quarterback, he’s just not a great one either and slowly but surely, we’re catching on to him.

Deshaun Watson Is The Next Aaron Rodgers

Let me start off by saying, I don’t think Watson is going to finish this year as a starter. That’s not to say he’s going to be benched but there is no way anyone will ever be safe with that offensive line. The unit is softer than butter.

What the poor line play has shown us is Watson can make plays with his feet but he’s not a run-first quarterback. In a lot of ways, he reminds me of Aaron Rodgers. He’s not as accurate and doesn’t have the arm strength of Rodgers but their playing style is strikingly similar.

Watson took a good but underperforming Titans team and absolutely buried them on the way to four passing touchdowns and one rushing. Watson looked sharp, quick and it’s official: he’s the next upper-echelon quarterback.

Get used to hearing his name because he’s going to be around for a while.

Bills Will Win The AFC East

This is it. The year Bills fans have been yearning for. For the first time since 1995, the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East. The mighty Patriots are seemingly inept on the defensive side of the ball and Miami and New York do not look like they will be much of a threat this year at all.

The stage is set for the Bills to come in and take the crown that the fans have been craving for more than two decades. Tyrod Taylor has only turned the ball over once this season and thrown for five scores while the defense has completely turned around from the mess they were just a few years ago.

Buffalo’s patience with Tyrod Taylor is finally paying off and they’ve proven they can beat top-level teams like Atlanta and Denver. As long as they can at least split the series against the Patriots, the Buffalo Bills will again be circling the wagon.

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