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A Tad Concerning: Week 3 Overreactions Around The NFL

Agree or disagree with the kneeling, the anthem or whatever else happened off the field in the most politically-charged week in NFL history but you cannot deny that what happened on the field was nothing short of fantastic. From a ridiculous 61-yard field goal for the win to yet another Tom Brady comeback (shocker), there were some pretty incredible things that went down. So without further ado, let’s react perfectly normal and sane to this:

Joe Flacco Will Be Benched Before This Season Is Over

Remember a few years ago when one of the hottest debates in football was if Joe Flacco was elite or not?

Whelp, that answers that. Flacco went 8-for-18 for 28 yards and 2 interceptions against the Jaguars before finally getting yanked late in the game when the Ravens just gave up. There is no way that is the last time you see Flacco heading for the bench during a game this season.

On the season Flacco has three touchdowns and four interceptions and frankly, Baltimore has been winning despite him not because of him. That’s not what you want from your quarterback.

Eventually, he will be benched for Ryan Mallett and who knows, maybe even Colin Kaepernick finally finds a team. Either way, to owner Stephen Piscotty, if we weren’t praying for you before we sure are now because this is going to be a long season for you.

There Is A Quarterback Controversy Brewing In Indianapolis

How good is Andrew Luck really? Look at the stats, he’s thrown over 15 picks twice in his career and it likely would’ve been three times had his 2015 year not been cut short.

Meanwhile, new quarterback Jacoby Brissett managed to take a below-mediocre Colts team into overtime against the Cardinals and was an absolute playmaker against the Browns. Is this really a tough choice for Indy?

When Luck does eventually return, it will inevitably be asked should he just ride the bench in favor of the better quarterback contract be damned. Brissett should keep performing and should he accomplish that, it might be Luck’s exit from Indy.

There Is A League Conspiracy Against The Lions

I mean come on there’s no way a team is this unsuccessful for so long without some higher power intervening right? And there is no better evidence of this than literally being robbed of a win this weekend.

The 10-second runoff rule along with the “Calvin Johnson rule” loss from a few years ago is proof that the NFL implements stupid rules just to make the Lions pay for something terrible they’ve done.

The league is clearly doing everything in its power to ensure the Lions never win a Super Bowl and so far, they’re succeeding. Sorry Lions fans but until Goodell is fired, you’re not winning a championship and maybe even past that.

Giants Will Go 0-16

Other than winning, what is the goal of the game? To score. You can’t win if you can’t score and you can’t score if you can’t run or pass the ball. I’ve always said the key to winning is to build a good offensive line first and go from there. The Raiders and Cowboys prove that to be true.

The Giants are the antithesis of those two teams. I grew up a St. Louis Rams fan and therefore saw bad offensive lines for more than a decade including a group that is solely responsible for derailing Marc Bulger’s career. With that said, this Giants line might be the worst one I’ve ever seen.

Eli Manning is in no way a mobile quarterback and Paul Perkins, while not terrible, isn’t good enough to overcome an offensive line this bad. Unless the Giants somehow see a miraculous improvement in their line-play then Manning can’t stay upright and therefore won’t be able to win.

It’s sad but true, if the Giants can’t get their offense going then they won’t win.

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