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Week 2 of the NFL season is in the books and for some teams, it’s time to book the Super Bowl tickets and for others, better hope Sam Darnold starts looking better. Whether it’s the Chargers having the next Robert Aguayo or the Patriots proving they’re still the same championship-caliber team they’ve always been, there was a lot to digest. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the perfectly rational and calm reactions to the NFL’s second week.

***Please note that these are extreme overreactions and do not reflect the intelligence of the Sports Al Dente staff, but are intended to bring a smirk to your face.***

A Tad Concerning; Week 2 Overreactions Around The NFL

Dak Prescott Is A Fraud

There were a few people out there at the end of last season who said Prescott should get the Rookie of the Year Award. And those few won over the masses as he was handed the award.

Well, that will likely be the last time Prescott has to make room in his trophy case. Prescott finally plays under constant pressure for the first time in his career and he folds faster than Giants offensive line. His two interceptions were absolutely killer for the Cowboys’ offense and allowed the Broncos to constantly blitz and therefore shut down Ezekiel Elliott.

It’s clear that Prescott’s surprising rookie year was just a product of the system and the real mid-round pick is coming out in full force this season. For all Cowboys fans and Prescott fantasy owners, sorry but it’s going to be a long fourteen games.

Sam Bradford Will End The Season In A Full-Body Cast

Sam Bradford missing the second game of the season due to injury after finally showing his full potential is simply the Sam Bradford that we all know and love. The oft-injured quarterback has made more money off being mediocre than I will see in ten lifetimes. I’m not bitter I swear.

This isn’t a statement on the Vikings offensive line either. I think the next time Bradford gets hit, he’ll have broken an arm or a leg. Then while he’s standing on the sidelines an accidental hit on him will cause another break.

This will go on and on until by the time the last week of the season rolls around, Bradford will be in a full-body cast and has to be rolled in and out of the stadium on a dolly. The only thing to identify him will be the money trail he leaves behind as he inevitably gets another hefty contract.

Trevor Siemian Will Win MVP

 It’s hard to make a pass into triple coverage look good and that is exactly what Siemian did against the Cowboys on a touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders. You know who he looked like throughout the whole game? The man he succeeded: Peyton Manning.

That’s right Broncos fans, you’ve found your quarterback of the future and he’s from Northwestern. So far this season, Siemian has six touchdowns and two interceptions meaning he’s on pace for a season with 48 touchdowns.

In today’s NFL throwing for that many touchdowns means you’re a virtual lock for the MVP. The Broncos schedule includes questionable defenses like the Redskins, Jets, and Giants. The stage is set, Siemian, it’s your move now.

Someone Will Pass For More Than 600 Yards Against The Saints

One of the broadcasters on the Saints game in week one said the defense feels slighted from all the criticism they got last year and that they were confident this year would be a form of redemption.

Well so much for that. New Orleans gave up 350 yards to Sam Bradford to open the season and then 450 to Tom Brady. The next logical step is for someone to break the passing yards in a game record.

It could be Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, or even someone in the division like Matt Ryan, Jameis Winston or Cam Newton. The only thing to be sure is this: it’s going to happen. The Saints have a historically bad defense so it’s just a matter of which team will take advantage of that.

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