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Smackdown Summary

Last night was the second night of the Superstar Shakeup. With plenty of returns, debuts and brand swaps in store, we are sure to be treated to a phenomenal episode.

Join us as we recap this week’s episode of SmackDown Live.

Opening Segment

Aj Styles opens this episode of SmackDown. Styles calls Nakamura a “con artist” and says he won’t leave the ring until Shinsuke meets him in the ring. Instead of Nakamura, Styles’ call is met by Rusev and Aiden English. The match is made between Rusev and Styles.

Rusev vs. Styles

Styles slaps the Calf Crusher on almost immediately but it is broken up by English, ending the match in DQ.

After the match, English and Rusev attack Styles but are interrupted by Daniel Bryan.

Later in the night, the main event is made for Bryan and Styles vs. Rusev and English.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy is revealed as the newest member of SmackDown and the match is started. We come back from commercial to find the match already started and Hardy in demand. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate followed by the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Jey Uso vs. Luke Harper

Off the distraction from Rowan and Jimmy,  Harper hits Jey with a Discus Clothesline for the quick victory.

Before the Bludgeon Brothers can do any more damage, Naomi comes to beg Harper and Rowan to show mercy to her husband and her brother-in-law. They oblige.

Samoa Joe vs. Sin Cara

Samoa Joe is announced as the newest member of SmackDown before the match. Joe makes quick work of Cara via submission.


Carmella comes to the ring, which is decked out in cheetah print. Carmella goes on about how she beat Charlotte all on her own until she’s interrupted by Charlotte. Charlotte says that Carmella didn’t do it on her own until she gets interrupted by the IIconics.

Kay and Royce tell Flair to stop whining. Flair attacks but the numbers are too great until Becky Lynch comes to even the odds.

Charlotte Flair vs. Billy Kay

We come back from commercial to find the match started and the two going back and forth. The two continue to go back and forth as the match stretched on. Flair slaps on the Figure Eight for the win. Mella and the IIconics attack Lynch and Flair until Asuka announced as a new member of SD Live helps balance sides.

Superstar Shakeup Announcements

During the night, its announced that the Good Brothers, Sanity, The Bar, R-Truth, Andrade Almas and Big Cass are all joining the SmackDown roster.

Aj Styles & Daniel Bryan vs. Rusev Day

Bryan and English start off the match. We almost get a double submission but fore Rusev Day escape and we cut to commercial. Rusev Day keep Styles down and away from his corner. Daniel Bryan gets the hot tag and hits the Yes kicks on Rusev. Nakamura and Big Cass take out Bryan and Styles, leave them down and out as SD Live goes off the air.


With some many new faces and returning face, I’m stoked for SmackDown in the coming the next year. Tonight’s episode was a great one and a phenomenal way to kick off the year.

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