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Steelers Fans: Don’t Be Mad At James Harrison

No, Steelers fans, you should not be mad at James Harrison for signing with the New England Patriots. This guy has given everything to the city of Pittsburgh. A franchise leading 80.5 sacks, an unforgettable 100-yard interception return in Super Bowl XLIII, and nonstop effort are just a few of the things Harrison has provided to this franchise.

The Steelers parted ways with Harrison after the 2012 season and were lucky enough to have Harrison come back in 2014 after a short stint with the Bengals.

Although Harrison led the team with 5 sacks in 2016, there are too many young players on the roster for Harrison make a significant impact. Don’t be mad at James Harrison. Here is why:

This Is Not His Fault

Harrison only has played 40 snaps all season and he was only active for five games. Harrison made it known that he was upset with his playing time just a few short weeks ago. The NFL is a business. When the Steelers needed to make a decision about who to take off of the 53-man roster to make room for previously suspended RT, Marcus Gilbert, it was a no-brainer. An almost 40-year old who has not had an impact this year had to go.

Forget about who he is and what he has done, this was a move that the Steelers had to make. People seem to forget that legendary running back, Franco Harris played his final season with the Seahawks because the Steelers went in a different direction.

Harrison Is A Human Being

If you were released by one of the top Super Bowl favorites and the TOP one came calling, what would you do? This could be his very last chance at a Super Bowl ring. The Patriots are in desperate need of a pass rush and Harrison brings that to the table. He has a serious chance to make an impact on a Super Bowl-caliber team. You can’t blame the guy for being competitive enough to go against a franchise that has given him so much.

Don’t Be A Hypocrite

Steelers fans loved the idea of Joe Haden coming in at the beginning of this season. Haden is not a Hall-Of-Famer and is on a different level than Harrison, but the argument still exists. Haden played for a division rival. Albeit, the Browns, it still counts. Steelers fans welcomed him with open arms and he has made a significant impact this season when healthy.

Steelers fans also didn’t act this negatively towards Harrison when he played for the Bengals during the 2013 season.

Will it look strange seeing Harrison don the Red, White, and Blue? Absolutely.

But does it really surprise anyone? This seems to be the standard in the NFL today. As soon as a veteran player is released, mid-season or at season’s end, they all seem to find themselves with a one-way ticket to Bean Town.

It was inevitable really.

However, with all of the kind and altruistic words stated above, this does not mean that the City of Pittsburgh and Steeler Nation should disregard the malcontent that will certainly bubble up on that fateful Sunday, or Saturday, in January. Once these two teams undoubtedly faceoff in the playoffs, all bets are off.

Parker Abate

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Parker Abate is a passionate Pittsburgh sports fan who is currently a junior in college studying Communications with a specialization in Sports Communication.

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