Sports Al Dente’s SmackDown Live Summary: 6-5-18

SmackDown Summary
SmackDown Summary

SmackDown Live Summary

Before tonight’s show, it was announced that we’d see a contract signing, a mix tag match, and Money in the Bank (MITB) opponents Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte. With only two weeks until MITB, tonight’s program should feature plenty of MITB buildup and matchmaking.

Join us as we break down the SmackDown Live from June 5th.

Opening Segment

The Smackdown Women’s Champion, Carmella, open up SD Live. We get a video package of everything Asuka has done in the WWE. Carmella claims that the ‘real’ Asuka is a loser before showing a recap of Asuka’s loss at WrestleMania. Camella says she has no fear heading into MITB. Carmella claims that everyone is ready for Asuka before being interrupted by the Empress herself.

Asuka gets into the ring, goes face-to-face with Mella but they get interrupted by Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. Both Rose and Deville challenge Asuka. Paige also comes out and asks who Asuka wants to face.

Asuka says she wants to face both and a handicap match is made for the next segment.

Asuka vs. Rose & Deville

Carmella as at commentary as Asuka and Deville starts the match. Rose and Deville start the match in dominant fashion. Asuka fires up and takes out Rose. Late in the match, Deville and Asuka go back and forth until Asuka slaps on the Asuka Lock and Deville taps out.

Harper vs. Karl Anderson

Harper comes out swinging and starts the match at a quick pace. It looks as though Harper has the match won, but then Anderson rolls up Harper for the win.

Naomi & Jimmy Uso vs. Lana & Aiden English

English and Uso start the match. The match moves to outside and Naomi dives outside onto English and Lana. We come back from break to find Lana in control. Jimmy gets the hot tag and takes it to English. Uso hits the Superkick followed by the pin for the win.

WWE Championship Contract Signing

The signing is being moderated by Paige. AJ claims that Shinsuke Nakamura knows he can’t beat Styles and Styles also claims he’ll walk out of MITB as champion.

AJ signs the contract, but Shinsuke continues to come up with excuses on why he cant sign it. Styles gets frustrated and hits Nakamura, who signs after the contract after a little ‘persuasion.’

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

The two women trade blows and attempt to finish the match early. The two contestants show friendliness and good sportsmanship in the match. Throughout the majority of the match, Lynch and Flair go back and forth. Charlotte attempts to put on the Figure Four, but Becky reverses it into the Dis-Arm-Her, making Flair tap.

Big Cass Segment

It’s announced that Cass will face Daniel Bryan at MITB. Cass claims that his loss at Backlash to Daniel Bryan was a fluke. We get a recap of last week’s triple threat match and Cass claims he ALMOST feels bad for Daniel Bryan.  Cass says that he will do everything in his power to beat down Bryan at Money in the Bank.

The New Day vs. Rusev, Samoa Joe & The Miz

The Miz and Xavier Woods start the match. The two teams go back and forth early. We come back from commercial and The Miz is dominant over Woods. Kofi gets the hot tag and takes out the Miz.

The match breaks into chaos with quick tags and action spilling to the outside. The Miz accidentally hits Rusev and Joe with a tray of pancakes (only in wrestling, am I right?). Rusev then hits the Matchka kick on Miz as Joe and Rusev leave the Miz high and dry. Big E and Kofi hits the Midnight Hour for the win.


Although we didn’t get much in the way of MITB additions, the night turned out to be a good one, with a couple great matches and promo work.

Overall, a very good night that was sure to get everyone excited for Money In The Bank.