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SmackDown Live Summary

Before the show came on the air, it was announced that Big Cass had been fired. It will be interesting to see if this mentioned at all during tonight’s show. SmackDown is also sure to feature backlash form Money In The Bank and the possible SD Live return of James Ellsworth. Either way, it’s sure to be a good one.

Join us as we break down the Smackdown Live for June 19th.

Opening Segment

The show is kicked off by Carmella. Mella claims she was better than Asuka and Charlotte Flair after defeating both of them in recent months. Carmella was interrupted by James Ellsworth in an Asuka disguise, who said he was back to serve Mella. Asuka interrupted the pair, storming to the ring. Carmella quickly kicked Asuka and she and Ellsworth scuttled away.

Becky Lynch vs. Billie Kay

Lynch comes out the gates hard as soon as the bell rings. However, a distraction from Peyton Royce turns the tide in favor of Kay. Kay maintains control for the majority of the short contest. Lynch fight back and slaps on the Dis-Arm-Her, making Kay tap to win the match.

The Usos vs. Sanity

Before the match can get started, Young, Dain & Wolfe attack the brothers, stopping the match before it even can begin.

The Bludgeons Brothers vs. The Good Brothers

Harper and Rowan dominated the match early, keeping both men down. Anderson got the hot tag and looked to make a comeback, but had no luck. Anderson gets caught with a Powerbomb and Harper and Rowan put away the former club members, retaining the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Gauntlet Match

Big E and Daniel Bryan kick of the match and go back and forth for most of the round. Big E is put away after a flying knee for Bryan.

Samoa Joe is next, coming out the gates dominant. Although Joe held control for most of the round, Bryan was able to end the match, winning by count-out.

The Bludgeon Brothers came to the ring and attacked Bryan after the round. Miz, able to capitalize, hit a quick Skull-Crushing Finale on Bryan for the pin.

Last was Rusev, who had a back and forth battle with the Miz for most of the round. Rusev put Miz in the Accolade and made the A-Lister tap, winning the Gauntlet. Rusev will now challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules on July 15.


A great night, filled with terrific matches. We saw aftermatch from Money In The Bank and new storylines made for Extreme Rules. We also saw great non-match segments like Carmella’s celebration and the debut of Sanity.

Overall, a very good night.

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