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SmackDown Live Summary

The final WWE TV show before Money In the Bank (MITB) took place Tuesday night and should be chalk-full of goodies leading up to one of the biggest WWE pay-per-views of the year. Before the show started, it was announced that we’d be seeing a women’s MITB summit and an interview from Jerry Lawler with AJ Styles. It was also announced that we’d see Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin.

Join us for the SmackDown Live Summary of what is sure to be a great night.

Opening Segment

We start off the show with the women’s MITB summit, moderated by the SD GM, Paige. Paige claims that she doesn’t care who wins the briefcase, as long as its someone from SD Live. Becky Lynch and Charlotte argue back and forth until they’re reminded by Naomi that they’re not the only women in the match.

Before the segment can go much further, its interrupted by The IIconics, Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose. All eight women brawl until a match is made for the main event: Flair, Lynch, Lana & Naomi vs. The IIconics and the former Absolution members.

Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin

Bryan came out the gates swinging as soon as the bell sounded. It appeared though that Bryan may have gassed himself too early and left an opening for Benjamin to take advantage. Benjamin wore down Bryan further by working on the knee for most of the match.

The match ended with a flurry of back and forth holds. Bryan tried for a Yes Lock, but Benjamin reversed it into a Half Boston. However, Bryan dealt the last blow when he slapped on a Heel Hook and Benjamin had no choice but to tap.

AJ Styles Interview w/ Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler stood atop the arena stage and introduced AJ Styles for a special interview segment. Lawler begins the interview by asking Styles why he slapped Nakamura last week. Styles responses by saying that the only thing he’s sorry for is not taking out Shinsuke completely.

Styles ended the short interview segment by promising to retain the championship on Sunday.

Samoa Joe vs. Rusev w/ The Miz as Special Guest Ref

Joe controlled the match early and often. Joe went for the pin, but The Miz refused to count. Rusev took advantage, hitting Joe with a Matchka kick. Following a successful pinfall, Rusev was announced as the winner.

Following the match, Aiden English brought a ladder inside the ring. Rusev attempted to climb, but was stopped by the Miz, who delivered a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz climbed the ladder and attained the briefcase. Thanks to Byron Saxton, though, The Miz soon realized that the briefcase was full of pancakes.  On the Tron, a pre-recorded video showed the New Day cackling like hyenas.

Jeff Hardy vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura taunted Hardy early in the contest, but Hardy responded, taking out Nakamura on the outside. The majority of the match was back and forth affair with both combatants hitting high-risk moves. Hardy hit a Swanton, but due to injury, was unable to capitalize.

The match was ended by disqualification when Nakamura hit a low blow. He then hit the Kinshasa on Hardy, leading to Nakamura mocking the referee’s ten count, taunting both Hardy and Styles simultaneously.

Ten-Woman Tag Team Match

Earlier in the night, it was announced that Carmella and Asuka would be joining this match to make it a 10-Woman tag match.

Early in the match, the heel team took out Lana and attempted to keep her isolated. However, she got the hot tag to Lynch. Lynch didn’t last long, as she would run into The IIconics as we go to commercial.

We come back and the heels are still in control. Another hot tag to Asuka attempted to light another fire for the baby faces. However, before Auska could do much damage, the match devolved into an all-out brawl.

When the dust settles, Asuka and Carmella were the only ones left in the ring. Mella attempted a roll-up, but Asuka reversed it into an Asuka Lock and it didn’t take long for the champ to tap.


Overall, the night was a great one filled with matches and segments that impressed. Although none of the matches had much of an impact for Sunday, we did get to see the competitors gain momentum and get ready for MITB.  The best match of the night held all four of the SD MITB women on one team and we also got to see Asuka and Carmella go face-to-face.

Overall a great night building more hype for MITB.

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