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Raw Review

Money in The Bank (MITB) is only two weeks away, and with things starting to take shape, tonight’s Raw is sure to be action-packed with even more buildup.

Join us as we break down the June 4th edition of Monday Night Raw.

Opening Segment

Elias opens up Raw in the ring, with a guitar. Elias plays a couple tunes and shows a recap of what happened last week when he attacked Seth Rollins.

Elias is interrupted by Rollins. Rollins comes to the ring, grabs a chair and enters the ring. The two men stand off; Rollins looks as though he’s got Elias cornered when he’s attacked from behind by Jinder Mahal. Mahal and Elias take out Rollins, but Roman Reigns comes to even the odds.

A tag team match is made for the next segment.

Elias & Jinder Mahal vs. Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns

The match breaks down early as Seth and “The Big Dog” take control. Elias turns the tables and holds Rollins in a Chin Lock. Roman gets the hot tag and takes out Mahal and Elias. Off the distraction though, Elias lays out Reigns outside the ring.

We come back from commercial to find Elias and Jinder still dominant. Rollins takes a bad bump, diving outside of the ring. Elias hits Rollins with a DDT onto a steel chair followed by the Driftaway, pinning him for the 1-2-3.

Curt Hawkins vs. “James Harden”

Hawkins announces that if he wins, everyone in the arena gets tacos. Harden is a jobber from Houston. Hawkins dominates the match and looks as though he’s going to win. Baron Corbin comes to the ring and gives Harden an End of Days, causing Harden to win by disqualification and nobody gets any tacos.

Later in the night, its announced that Baron Corbin is Raw’s new Constable, serving as Stephanie McMahon’s eyes and ears while she is away.

Natalya vs. Nia Jax

Ronda Rousey is at commentary for this match. The match begins with a stalemate as the two women attempt to take each other down. We come back from break to find both women still going back and forth. Nattie tweaks her knee, which gives Jax the opening for a Samoan Drop and the win. Afterwards, Rousey comes to the ring to help Natalya. She keeps on pushing Nia Jax away despite the fact that Jax is also trying to make sure Natalya is okay.

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Roode

Strowman overpowers Roode early in the contest. Roode turns the tables and on the outside, setting up a ladder as a bridge between the apron and barricade. Strowman breaks the ladder with his hands and chases Roode back into the ring. Strowman hit the Running Power Slam for the win.

Tag Team Battle Royale

The teams enter the ring, one at a time. The first team eliminated is McIntyre and Ziggler. Before leaving, the duo takes out the rest of the field. With three teams left, the Revival take control before being eliminated by Rhyno. The final two teams left are The B-Team and Slater & Rhyno. Rhyno is on the apron when Slater picks up Dallas to eliminate him, but Slater eliminates his own partner after accidentally knocking him off the apron with Dallas’ feet. The B-Team wins, making them the number one contenders to the Raw Tag Team Championship.

Bobby Lashley Segment

Lashley asks Zayn to come down to the ring so the two can talk face to face. Zayn’s music hit but instead, Zayn is in the crowd. Zayn tries to embarrass Lashley with some of Lashley’s Instagram posts. Sami tries to paint Lashley as the bad guy, out for the fans’ money. Zayn calls Lashley a liar and questions if Bobby even served in the military. The smile that Lashley had for most of the segment vanishes. The segment ends with Zayn leaving through the crowd.

Ember Moon, Sasha Banks & Alexa Bliss vs. Riott Squad

Moon and Riott start the match and the two women go back and forth early. Bliss gets “injured” and leaves the match early. The Riott Squad are dominant as we come back from commercial. Sasha is down and out when Bayley come down to the ring, tags in and hits a Bayley to Belly on Logan for the win.

Afterwards, Baron Corbin directs Kurt Angle to reverse the decision since Bayley wasn’t a legal competitor in the match. Angle confronts the winning team and tells them they are disqualified and that The Riott Squad are the winners.

Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens takes control early, but Finn Balor turns the tables as we cut to break. We come back to find Owens in control again, but Balor starts another comeback. Late in the match and late in the night, the two men go back and forth. The match ends when Kevin Owens stomps Balor in the corner and doesn’t let up, leading to Owens gets disqualified.

After the match, Owens grabs a ladder and brings it into the ring. Owens climbs, looks as though he going to senton onto Balor, but second-guesses himself. Balor takes out Owens and hits a Coup De Grace from the top of the ladder.


Full of great matches and promos, tonight’s Raw turned out to be a pretty good one. Although the night hasn’t changed MITB much, we did get some more story building for the matches already scheduled to take place.

Overall an okay night, that won’t go down in any history books.

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