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Smackdown Summary

After last night’s Raw, tonight’s SmackDown Live has a high bar to reach. Before SmackDown, it was announced that we would see a royal ‘Mellabration’, some more Money in the Bank (MITB) qualifying matches and more on the feud between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Join us as we break down the Smackdown summary for May 15th.

Opening Segment

Daniel Bryan opens up the show, introduced by Rene Young. Bryan says he knows it’s going be hard, but he will fight to eventually become the WWE Champion. Before he can say anymore, Bryan is interrupted by Big Cass.

Cass claims he will make sure that Bryan will never achieve anything in the WWE ever again. Cass gets in the ring and mocks Bryan, which causes Bryan to go after Cass and continues to attack Cassidy until multiple refs intervene.

New Day vs. The Bar

Before the match, its announced that the winner of this match will pick a member of their team to compete in the MITB ladder match. Xavier Woods and Cesaro start the match. After a lengthy match, Woods drops an elbow onto Cesaro and pins for the win.

Andrade Almas Debut Vs. Local Talent

The is the main roster debut for Andrade Almas. The former NXT Champion starts the assault over Constantino early. The match is ended quickly by Almas after the Hammerlock DDT.

The Royal ‘Mellabration’

Coming out with Buckingham Palace guards and a town crier, Carmella comes out to kick off the proceedings. Carmella claims that nobody believes she can be champion and that she’s better than every one of the fans and all the women who have been in WWE.  Paige interrupts Carmella and announces that at MITB, Mella will defend her championship against Asuka.

Becky Lynch vs. Mandy Rose vs. Sonya Deville

Rose gets thrown out of the ring early, which leaves Deville and Lynch to go one-on-one. Rose gets back into the ring and the two former Absolution members work together. The teamwork breaks down and all three women trade blows. Becky Lynch qualifies for the women’s MITB ladder match when she gets Rose to tap after a Dis-Arm-Her.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Aj Styles

The winner of this match gets to pick the stipulation for their WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank. The match starts slowly, but gradually the pace quickens. The two superstars go back and forth early. We come back from commercial break to find Shinsuke in total control. The two are both down and Styles takes the opportunity to take control. Late in the match, the two trade signature maneuvers until Nakamura hits a second Kinshasa for the win.


The episode turned out to be very good with great matches and some good building for the weeks and pay-per-view to come.

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