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SmackDown Summary

After a fantastic Raw, we look to Tuesday night and hope it turns out just as good. With news faces and MizTV with Daniel Bryan set for tonight, the show should be a great one with plenty of builds for Jeddah and future Pay-per-views.

Join us as we break down the SmackDown Summary.

Opening Segment

The Miz opens the night with MizTV with special guest Daniel Bryan. Miz claims that he’s made Smackdown the “A” show and that in Jeddah, he will bring the Intercontinental Championship to SmackDown Live.

The Miz calls Bryan to the ring, but Big Cass answers the call. Cass says that nobody wanted to hear from Daniel Bryan. Cass says he despises Daniel Bryan for being small. Cass says he’s ready for Daniel Bryan.

After the segment, we see Becky Lynch and Asuka getting ready for their upcoming match when they come across an injured Bryan, writhing in pain on the floor.

Becky Lynch & Asuka vs. IIconics

The match starts with Billie Kay and Asuka starting the match. We come back from commercial to find Lynch and Asuka in control. Throughout the majority of the match, the two sides trade control. Royce scores the pinfall with a roll-up of Lynch, with both of her feet on the ropes.

Rowan vs. Jimmy Uso

The match starts at a furious pace as the two go back and forth until Rowan hit a massive cross-body. Off the distraction from Naomi, Uso hits a super kick, followed by the roll-up for the win.

Women’s Championship Contract Signing

Carmella comes out on her own, plays the same package from last week and expects a standing ovation from the crowd. She plays it a second time after not getting the reaction she wanted, but gets interrupted by Charlotte.

Without saying a word, Flair signs the contract and attacks ‘Mella’.

 Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin

Hardy is on to the ring when he’s interrupted by Randy Orton, making the match between Orton and Benjamin.

Orton goes for an early RKO, but it gets reversed and Benjamin takes control. The two trade control on the outside. Off a distraction from a masked Sunil Singh, Benjamin hits Paydirt for the win.

AJ Styles & The Good Brothers vs. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev Day

Styles and Nakamura start off the match, but English quickly tags himself in. The Club take control early as we cut to commercial. A Matchka kick from Rusev happens as we come back from commercial. Shinsuke hits the Kinshasa on Gallows and pins for the win.

Shinsuke low blows Styles again and Kinshasa’s Karl Anderson twice.


With great matches and fantastic builds for the Greatest Royal Rumble and Backlash, this was a great episode of SmackDown Live.

The hype is real for Saudi Arabia and after tonight, its sure to be a great show.

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