Rams/Chargers Rivalry: Should The NFL Schedule Regional Rivalries?

The NFL Schedule Doesn't Allow For Inter-Conference Regional Rivalries. Here's A Plan To Fix That.

The Rams and the Chargers should be rivals. Intense ones at that, but it’s hard to manage that with the current NFL schedule rotation. The two teams have only played twice since their moves to LA. In my opinion, the NFL is leaving money on the table (a practice the NFL is rarely guilty of) by not utilizing the additional 17th game to promote and manufacture AFC vs. NFC regional rivalries.

With the current NFL schedule rotation, inter-conference teams meet only once every FOUR years, making it impossible to build true rivalries, even among the closest of teams. The Rams and Chargers should be playing every single year! Football fans deserve it! Regional rivalries and football go all the way back to high school ball. And with the right marketing, it will line the pockets of the NFL with even more money. Win/Win.

Proposed NFL Schedule Regional Rivalries

NFL: New York Giants at New York Jets
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It Makes Too Much Sense.

LA vs. LA is one of many. There are other obvious ones. Giants/Jets, Philly/Pittsburgh, 49ers/Raiders.


Some make sense once you pair them together; Bucs/Dolphins, Texans/Cowboys, Baltimore/Washington.

Ok. I’m Listening.

There are some that are a bit of a stretch; Jacksonville/Atlanta, Titans/Panthers, Bears/ Colts, Lions/Browns

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Well, maybe…

After that, the true regionality breaks down. But that’s for the marketing wizards. But here are a few ideas to inspire them:

Saints/Bengals- Who Dat vs. Who Dey?

Seahawks/Broncos- Renew The AFC West Rivalry

Chiefs/Packers- The Original Super Bowl I

Bills/Vikings- Great Lakes Game

Pats/Cardinals- Desert vs. Tundra

Sure, not all of them are airtight, but it will mean a lot more fun than some random Jets/Panthers game.

What Do You Think? Great Idea or should NFL Schedule stick with the current rotation?

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