S1E84 – Damn It Jerry, You Don’t Deserve Dak

Episode 84: Chauncey, Wes, and Bryan discuss the explosive Washington Post story on Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones punting on Dak Prescott’s future, and all the other tag deadline drama. Then they talk about the NBA bubble and the good and bad to come from it so far and what the Lakers will do without Rondo, before congratulating Johnny Bananas on winning his 7th “The Challenge” season. They speculate on HBO’s “Gotham Central”, Marvel’s MCU Reboot, and the Joel Schumacher cut of “Batman Forever”. Finally, they talk about a new “Star Wars” project, a “Fletch” reboot, and their quarantine watching including “Starship Troopers”, “Doom Patrol”, “Star Wars Rebels”, “Showbiz Kidz”, and “Palm Springs”.

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