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S1E121 – The Patriots Make it RAIN

By March 19, 2021April 28th, 2021No Comments

Wes, Chauncey, and Thaddeus go over all the big free agency moves including the Patriots signing just about everybody, they say good-bye to some key Rams players, and question what everyone else is doing. Then they celebrate Lebron buying a piece of the Red Sox as well as the Lakers win over the Hornets. Later they preview both “The Snyder Cut” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, and Chauncey shares his thoughts on the Grammy’s and the Oscar nominations. Finally, they go over some movie news and share what they’ve watched this week including “The Challenge”, “Jersey Shore”, “Bob’s Burgers”, “Dog Day Afternoon”, “Seinfeld”, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, and more.