RUMOR: Could Caleb Williams Get Equity Of NFL Team That Drafts Him?

There is a rumor floating around that USC Quarterback Caleb Williams wants partial equity in whatever NFL Franchise drafts him.

We will get into the rumor in a second, but what is interesting is that this rumor came out back in July in a Pro Football Talk article. So why is it just now catching fire across Twitter?

Last Saturday in South Bend, Caleb Williams had the worst game of his collegiate career in a loss to Notre Dame where he threw three interceptions. After suffering their first loss of the season, Williams’ odds of winning a 2nd Heisman Trophy have dwindled. So it does seem a bit peculiar that this rumor would all of a sudden resurface and catch fire. Was this seen as an opportunity to push a narrative?

I’m not totally sure, but the timing of it does certainly seem odd and unfortunate.

In regards to the rumor itself, regardless of whether it is true, and Caleb Williams actually inquired about receiving equity, the NFL has already shut this down as a possibility.

According to the PFT article:

It feels like an antitrust violation. And it’s potentially collusion, if giving a player equity is not prohibited by the Collective Bargaining Agreement and if the new rule was passed without bargaining between the league and the union.

So it looks like everyone can relax and put down their pitchforks. This “rumor” even if true, looks like the end result has zero legs or chance of happening.

Carry on and Fight On.