Rams Winners And Losers – Week Three Of The Preseason

Los Angeles Players Stretching At Fans Open Practice. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network
Los Angeles Players Stretching At Fans Open Practice. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network

The Los Angeles Rams may have lost the game, but they have plenty to hang their hats on. Well, not everyone. There are some players that didn’t have the day they hoped. In the game, some players showed they have what the Rams need. Others showed they lacked what the Rams wanted. Here’s a look at some of the winners and losers from Saturday’s matchup.

Rams Winners And Losers – Week Three Of The Preseason


Rams’ depth gave Denver a run for its money

Most turned on the game and expected to see Denver dominate the Rams’ second-string players with their starters. However, the Rams held their own. The Rams even had a lead at one point at 6-3. Of course, as time went on, Denvers’ starters eventually took the lead. However, for the Rams’ second team to hold their own against a starting NFL roster is a massive accomplishment for Les Snead and the coaching staff and they deserves a ton of credit.

Corey Bojorquez

Johnny Hekker may be one of the best punters in the NFL, but Corey Bojorquez may be ready to take that throne. At least, based on what he was able to do in the game. He was able to nail the one-yard line twice. One ball landed short of the one-yard line and the players were able to save it. Another landed in the coffin corner. Even if the Rams don’t have room for another punter on their roster, another team will. Corey Bojorquez just made an NFL roster with that performance.

Rams Fans

The best thing about this week’s preseason game is that it was the last one. The next football game will matter. Matthew Stafford will be gearing up for his Rams debut on Sunday Night Football. After a long, painful wait, football season is afoot.


Xavier Jones injury

Xavier Jones crawled off the field near the end of the game. Injuries are unfortunately an unavoidable beast and never leave a player feeling like a winner. Jones’ injury now calls his durability into question and could cost him a roster spot after the acquisition of Sony Michel.

Ram’s hopefuls faced with unfair competition

For those on the bubble, the third game of the preseason is massive. It is their Super Bowl. How they do in the game largely influences how the Rams will see them as well as the rest of the league. The rest of the NFL tends to look at the last game of the preseason the most, so any breakthroughs or mistakes are magnified.

For any Ram’s hopefuls that had to show their worth against the Broncos’ first-string players, they lost the roll of the dice and will likely be looking for another job until the next opportunity opens up. By playing against NFL starters, the backup players look terrible as the competition essentially has their way with them. As a result, when scouts and general managers look at this game, the backup players won’t get another look after getting beaten by a starting player.

For instance, after watching Von Miller blow past a backup tackle, there is not a single team that would have their ears perk up at the tackle. This happened at almost every position on the field to start the game.

Ram’s offensive line depth looks to be a concern

Speaking of the line, it looked rough in this game. Bryce Perkins was running for his life for much of the game. When he was able to get a clean pocket, he was able to usually deliver a catchable ball. Unfortunately for the Rams, this was a rarity. Basically, the Rams need to not have injuries to the starting five on the offensive line.