Rams Vs Cardinals Live Blog: Rams Turn On The Rushing Floodgates On The Way To A Rout, 26-9

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The Rams enjoy their first game in which they are favored to win and Vegas expects a decisive victory from the Rams

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
Rams vs Cardinals Live Blog: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

4th Quarter:

Cardinals 12th Drive: 1:51

The definition of a garbage time drive.

Rams 11th Drive: 3:32 26-9

The Rams looked to run time off the clock on this drive

Cardinals 11th Drive: 4:37 26-9

The Cardinals convert a 4th and 10 on a 26-yard pass to Michael Williams. But Aaron Donald forced an intentional grounding on the next play.

The Cardinals offense can’t get much going after. Rams take over on downs.

8 plays, 28 yards

Rams 10th Drive: 6:15 26-9

The Cardinals force the Rams to kick the field goal after just 3 plays.

4 plays, 8 yards

Cardinals 10th Drive: 8:24 23-9

The Cardinal overcame a 2nd and 20 to keep the drive alive. But Byron Young forced a fumble when rushing Dobbs. Recovered by Quentin Lake.

5 plays, 8 yards

Rams 9th Drive: 14:54 23-9

The Cardinals sack Stafford for a loss of seven yards. Stafford then hit Kupp for 8 and 21 yards, setting the Rams up around midfield

The Rams went back to the ground with back-to-back run plays for a combined 12 yards. Then picked up 27 yards two plays later with Kyren Williams. He then fought through three defenders to punch in a 4-yard touchdown run.

12 plays, 88 yards

Cardinals Drive Cont.

Christian Rozeboom picks off the deflected pass to end the Cards drive.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
Rams vs Cardinals Live Blog: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

3rd Quarter:

Cardinals 9th Drive: 2:44

McBride picks up 10 yards after the catch after a short pass. Derion Kendrick picked up a facemask penalty taking on 15 yards to a null play.

Dobbs then hit Brown for 22 yards, setting the Cards up at the LA 12 to end the 3rd quarter.

Rams 8th Drive: 7:30 Score- 16-9

Nacua gets just his 3rd reception of the day for 9 yards. Tutu Atwell also gets his first reception, a big one for 30 yards. Williams takes the pitch for 31 yards to the 10-yard line. Then follows that up with a 7-yard carry.

Williams was called for a false start on a 3rd and 1. This stalled the drive and the Rams settled for 3

Cardinals 8th Drive: 8:57

The Rams forced their first 3 and out on the day.

3 plays, 3 yards

Rams 7th Drive: 15:00 Score:13-9

The Rams start with 8 straight runs and pick up 60 yards and 4 first downs.

The Rams ran a play out of empty, which forced Stafford to scramble. So technically 9 straight rushes. Then Stafford hit Kupp for a touchdown in the front right corner of the end zone.

10 plays, 75 yards

Halftime Stats:

Time of Possession: Cardinals- 20:58/ Rams- 9:02

Rushing Yards: Cardinals- 103/ Rams- 5

Passing Yards: Rams 118/ Cardinals 63

3rd Down Conversions: Rams 0-5/ Cardinals 4-10

First Downs: Rams 4/ Cardinals 11

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
Rams vs Cardinals Live Blog: Alex Gallardo-USA TODAY Sports

Second Quarter:

Rams 6th Drive: 0:43 6-9

Kupp hauls in a 49-yard catch from Stafford. This set up a 2nd and 10 from the 26. Tyler Higbee picks up 9 more to set up a 35-yard field goal

5 plays- 58 yards

Cardinals 6th Drive: 5:01 3-9

Dobbs salvages the drive (3rd and 13) with an assist from poor Rams tackling. He picks up a first down and 20 yards with his legs.

Keaontay Ingram picks up 9 after a short swing pass. Death by 1000 paper cuts is the Cards plan.

The Rams defense swarmed Dobbs and as a result, Michael Hoecht picked up a personal foul 15-yard penalty. Moved the ball to the Rams 26

Cards pick up 8 on the ground, bleeding the clock down before halftime. Ram uses their final timeout.

Rams hold the Cardinals to a field goal.

11 plays- 63 yards

Rams 5th Drive: 7:09 3-6

The Rams got good field position after the Cards failed to convert on 4th down, taking over at their own 41-yard line.

The Rams attempt just their 3rd rushing attempt to start the drive. Two plays later they ran again and picked up the first down, but there was a holding penalty on Alaric Jackson. 3rd and 12

Stafford was then sacked for -9 yards.

3 plays -11 yards

Cardinals 5th Drive: 10:28 3-6

Damien Williams breaks several tackles and picks up 9 yards rushing. Then picks up the first down on the next play. Williams picks up another 8 yards on a short pass from Dobbs

The Cards attempted back-to-back QB sneaks. They failed on the first and incurred a penalty on the second, then Dobbs nearly connected with Marquise Brown on a deep pass from 4th and 5.

6 plays- 19 yards

Rams 4th Drive: 12:35 3-6

After picking up just 5 yards on two plays, Stafford was sacked for a loss of 7 yards. 3 and out.

3 plays- -2yads

Cardinals 4th Drive: 13:27 Score: 3-6

The Rams force a three and out. But the Cardinals scored 3

4 Plays- 3 yards

Rams 3rd Drive: 13:27 Score: 3-3

The Cardinals special teams forces Austin Trammell to fumble the punt return and recover the punt at the 17.

Cardinals 3rd Drive Cont.

Aaron Donald left unblocked and obliterated Dobbs with a -6-yard sack. On the next play, Jordan Fuller forced an incompletion and a 4th down.

4 plays 15 yards

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
Rams vs Cardinals Live Blog: Alex Gallardo-USA TODAY Sports

First Quarter:

Cardinals 3rd Drive: 0:11

Cards move the ball 16 yards on a pass to Trey McBride

Rams 2nd Drive: 2:20

Cooper Kupp picks up 37 yards on a catch and run, out route. He picked up about 30 yards after the catch on that play.

Nacua can’t haul in the catch on a near-perfect pass, missing out on a touchdown. A penalty was called on the defense moving the ball to the 11-yard line.

The Rams attempted 3 passing plays into the endzone. But all fall incomplete. They settle for a field goal

6 plays: 48 yards

Cardinals 2nd Drive: 9:09 Score 0-3

The Rams struggle to contain Dobbs again. He gets out of the pocket and completes a 17-yard pass for a first down.

The Rams enjoy their first game in which they are favored to win and Vegas expects a decisive victory from the Rams

A mixed bag from the defense during this drive. They forced three 3rd downs but allowed two conversions. On the third, a speed sack forced a punt by knocking Arizona out of field goal range. Jonah Williams with the sack for -13 yards.

11 plays- 40 yards

Rams- 11:25 Score: 0-3

First play, Kyren Williams ran for 5 yards. Then Matthew Stafford connects with Cooper Kupp for 15. 1st down.

Pressure gets to Stafford and forces an incompletion. The incompletion has rattled the rhythm of the Rams offense. Sean McVay looks to get back on track with a short pass to Puka Nacua. But the play fails to pick up a first down forcing a punt.

5 plays- 25 yards

Cardinals First Drive- 15:00 Score: 0-3

Josh Dobbs runs for 24 yards in this drive. So far this season, the defensive line has struggled to contain mobile QB’s

Ahkello Witherspoon with a last-stitch pass breakup to save a would-be deep touchdown pass.

The result of the drive is a 55-yard Matt Prater field goal.

8 Plays- 38 yards.

Rams win the toss. Defer to the second half.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams
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