Another Pillar? Los Angeles Rams, Tyler Higbee Agree On 2-Year Contract Extension

If the Los Angeles Rams were the Beatles, Tyler Higbee would be the Ringo Starr. While Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp, and Aaron Donald get praise heaped on them and are labeled as pillars of the organization, Higbee shows up and does his job. Day in and day out. Head Coach Sean McVay put it this way, Higbee “is a glue guy for this team”/”He epitomizes a lot of the things that we’re looking for in Rams”/”He sets the example every single day.”

Why the Rams Extended Tyler Higbee

There are a few things that are incredible about Higbee remaining with the Rams for several contracts. First and foremost, the fact that THIS Rams front office resigned a 4th round draft pick is a rarity. In the time since he was drafted, only Cooper Kupp and Joseph Noteboom are still on the roster and only Aaron Donald and Rob Havenstein have a longer tenure with the organization. This season he was playing on the final year of his contract and with how frugal the Rams have been this season, it looked like it may have been his last with the team.

Another incredible fact about Tyler Higbee is that he does show up every day. If the best ability is availability, Higbee is one of the best of all time. He has played in 108 of 114 possible games. While he is never the highest producing tight ends, he fits right into the Rams offense, doing all the things they ask of him, whether that is picking up a first down or picking up a blitzer.

Despite all that Higbee brings to the team, he was (before this contract) the 20th highest paid tight end in the league below several players that Higbee regularly out produces. The 2-year $27 million extension puts him in the top 10.

This commitment shows that Tyler Higbee will be around for the rebuilt Rams in 2024 and 2025, but it also proves that he should be included as one of this teams pillars. Just like John, Paul, and George.