Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Pressure Rankings: 4 Players That Need To Perform The Best Immediately?

The Los Angeles Rams are just days away from their first public practices. Who should be the most nervous about the start of training camp?

Rams Training Camp Will Feature John Wolford
Rams Quarterback John Wolford Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams

The Los Angeles Rams are embarking on the start of a six-month marathon. Some players are thinking about how the Rams training camp will affect them in February. Others are simply thinking about how to get to the next day. While some players may need to prove something between September and February, many players need to prove something in July. Here are some of the biggest players in danger of not surviving training camp who needs to impress from the first drill.

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Pressure Rankings: Who Needs To Perform The Best Immediately?

Ben Skowronek

Ben Skowronek may be just starting his second season, but the Rams’ wide receiver room is loaded with talent. With so many mouths to feed and a chance for the team to add another with Odell Beckham Jr. still on the market. Skowronek’s 133 yards in 2021 leave him as a prime candidate to be cut to make room for Beckham. Of course, an early explosion might be able to protect him, but the wide receiver needs to make a monumental impact this July at Rams training camp.

John Wolford

John Wolford seemed to have played himself out in his last glimpse of the field, while Bryce Perkins lit up the field last August. Heading into 2022, the backup quarterback could be a fluid situation. As such, the quarterback competition between Perkins and Wolford could be an intense one. Typically at Rams training camp, the battle between the second and third teams is the most hotly contested.

Since first impressions are lasting, Wolford’s early throws will set the tone for the competition. While Perkins can stay where he is at third-string as a player with untapped potential, a drop to the third string for Wolford would likely mean his end in Los Angeles as it would basically confirm that he’s already hit his peak. As such, keeping him around could feel pointless.

What Perkins would have to prove is that he can not only be a viable backup to Matthew Stafford but also that he could fill Wolford’s job as the scout team quarterback. This provides the Rams first-team defense with a quality facsimile of their upcoming opponents.

Bobby Evans

Bobby Evans is a starter according to ESPN’s depth chart, but his name is written in pencil. With a 48.2 PFF grade in 2021, the offensive lineman could easily slip into a backup role or be cut entirely. With a win-now team coming off a season that saw the addition of Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr. mid-way through, don’t put it past the team to make a change in Rams training camp if they feel the need.

The Rams also added rookies, Logan Bruss and AJ Arcuri to the roster. Evans is a free agent after this season, making his performance at Rams training camp all the more important.

Troy Hill

While Troy Hill will still be on the team almost no matter what happens at Rams training camp, he is under a lot of pressure to step up in replacement of Darious Williams, who is no longer with the team. This is Hill’s moment to shine. Last season, he earned a 60.1 PFF grade that was a step down from his 2020 74.2 grade.

The team could be a bit biased toward the cornerback’s ability to come into his new role. If Hill starts sluggish out of the gate, the team could be quick to make a move that puts him back down the depth chart. If that happens, Hill may be stuck where he is for quite some time.

Rams Training Camp Will Feature John Wolford
Rams Quarterback John Wolford Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams