Should The Rams Trade The 36th Overall Pick In The Draft?

36 is the highest spot the Rams have drafted since 2016. It's only fitting that they may trade it away. Should the Rams trade back?

As it stands right now, the Los Angeles Rams have 11 picks in the upcoming draft. That’s a lot of picks! Only the Raiders and the Texans have more with 12. Their first pick comes right after the first round at 36. So they are still in a prime position to snag a starting quality player, Of which they need several! But what if the Rams trade that pick?

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Why Would The Rams Trade Down?

One: Rams general manager Les Snead recognizes the value of having more ‘bites at the apple.’ Basically, the principle of recognizing that the draft is a crap shoot and if you give yourself more chances, you will increase your chances of hitting the right player.

Two: The Rams list of team needs was long and still is long after the first few waves of offseason moves. They need a kicker, punter, and long snapper. They need a backup quarterback. And that’s just to get to a baseline functioning football team. 

They also should add edge rushers, a tight end, and probably a running back and a wide receiver. They could also use a cornerback and a defensive lineman. How about offensive line depth? So just about everything. Accumulating draft picks is necessary for the Rams this off-season. Trading down will only help them achieve that goal.

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What Could The Rams Trade Get Them?

Recent precedence provides little clarity, given the variety of trades that have come in this area of the draft. Ideally, Snead would be looking for a desperate trade partner who feels they need to move up to get ‘their guy.’ A recent incidence of this is when in 2021 the New England Patriots traded up to 38 to select Christian Barmore. In return, Cincinnati moved back eight spots to 46 and picked up two fourth-round selections. 

This would give the Rams two more bites at the apple and potentially two in the fourth round. The Rams currently don’t have picks in the fourth round.

Will There Be Teams Like the Patriots in This Year’s Draft?

Of course! That Patriots team originally had a lot of picks, they ended up selecting eight players. They also had a specific need to fill. They needed a defensive lineman, Barmore was a Week 1 contributor in the season after he was drafted.

Going off that model, Green Bay, Las Vegas, and New England all fit the bill this season. With the Packers, they could move back to 45 and pick up 116 in the 4th and 149 in the 5th. With Vegas, they would move back two spots to 38 and pick up 141 in the fifth. For New England, the Rams trade back to 46 and pick up 117 and 135 in the fourth round. 

And just like that the Rams have 13 picks and can select in the 4th round.

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