Rams Game Live Blog: Week 4- Rams Vs. Colts

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First Drive: Rams Offense

Matthew Stafford connected with Puka Nacua in the first play of the day for 26 yards. The Colts EJ Speed committed a silly Unnecessary Roughness penalty on a hit on Stafford out of bounds. That moved the ball to the Colts 29. Stafford then hit Van Jefferson for 13 yards. Colts pash rush forced a Stafford incompletion on first down. Nacua converted a 3rd down on a pass from Stafford for 7 yards that set up a Kyren Williams 3-yard touchdown.

2nd Drive: Colts Offense

The Rams defense was stout forcing the Colts to punt from their own 34 after picking up just one first down. Aaron Donald lined up at a wide 9- technique and forced Anthony Richardson from the pocket. Ernest Jones was credited with the sack on the play to force the punt.

3rd Drive: Rams Offense

The Rams start the drive with two consecutive runs to Kyren Williams. He picked up a first down on his first carry. Another bad penalty by the Colts. Another Unnecessary Roughness call for 15 yards for hitting Nacua in the helmet. Stafford threaded the needle into Van Jefferson to convert a 4 and 3 getting into the Red Zone. Two more successful run plays to Kyren; one for 8 yards then a 3-yard4 touchdown run.

4th Drive: Colts Offense

Richardson accounted for two first downs but fumbled on his way to the second. Rams ball after just three plays.

5th Drive: Rams Offense

12 yards for Ronnie Rivers on two run plays to start the drive, the Stafford hit Higbee for 33 yards.

The Rams ran the ball three consecutive times for three yards. 4th down. Field goals

6th Drive: Colts

The Rams defensive line is swarming. Forced a 3 and out.

7th Drive: Rams

McVay shows restraint in his playcalling. Picking up a few easy first downs to Tutu Atwell before hitting Nacua on a big 32-yard catch. Cotls defense able to put the clamps on. They blitzed on third down and got the sack forcing a field goal. Rams 20-0.

8th Drive: Colts

Richardson is hit then miss; picks up a first on the ground, then bobbles a pass, then hits a 30-yard pass to Josh Downs, then stuffed in a designed run. He then picked up 8 yards. Then a low pass to Andrew Ogletree. Matt Gay misses a 47-yard field goal.

9th Drive: Rams

Three rushing plays to start the drive for 29 yards. This set up a 46-yardBi field goal attempt, which Brett Maher shanked


10th Drive: Colts

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The biggest positive play for the Colts on this drive was a penalty. Kobie Turner received a roughing the passer penalty when he hit Richardson in the head and neck area. Aaron Donald sacked Richardson. The Colts punted after just 5 plays.

11th Drive: Rams

Rams offense slices and dices its way into the Colts ’30s with passes to Nacua (17) and Higbee (9) and a 9-yard Ronnie Rivers run. The Colts defense finally decided to blitz and it paid off. Field Goal is good. 23-0

12th Drive: Colts

The drive started with three runs by Zach Moss for 40 yards. Richardson’s threat as a runner created just enough time for him to get a pass off to Mo Alie-Cox for a 35-yard touchdown. The Colts added a 2 point conversion, similarly, the play started to fall apart before Richardson snuck through the pressure and found Zach Moss for the two-point conversion.

13th Drive: Rams

Bad luck on the 13th drive. Lots of pressure on Stafford, which forced an incompletion. Stafford’s next pass was picked off partly do to a too-tight window and a defender wrestling the ball away from Tutu Atwell

14th Drive: Colts

Rams pass rush imposed their will on this drive. Only 6 plays and 11 yards on the drive following the interception. The Cotls went for it on 4th down, but the pass rush forced a quick release.

15th Drive: Ram

Stafford appeared to be hobbled heading into this drive and it showed. A PI on Atwell kept this drive alive but it sputtered after that. It ended with a Brett Maher miss from 48

16th Drive: Colts

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Another PI affects a drive. This time the Rams DB Russ Yeast with an Unnecessary Roughness penalty that tacks on 15 to a 38-yard completion. The results: Touchdown Colts 23-15

17th Drive: Rams

After several plays of taking contact, Stafford looked beat up. The Rams called three consecutive run plays that ended the drive

18th Drive: Colts

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The Colts were in no hurry on the drive, running the ball on several occasions This set up two big catches for Andrew Ogletree. The Colts moved the ball to the Rams 4-yard line. some good play-calling punched the ball in and converted the 2-point conversion. 23-23

19th Drive: Rams

In short…

20th Drive: Colts

The Rams forced a critical 3 and out. Michael Hoecht got his hand on a pass to prevent a big gain.

21st Drive: Rams

The Rams couldn’t get into field goal range after a few good pickups. Ended with a Punt

22nd Drive: Colts

A kneel to send it to OT


23rd Drive: Rams

The Rams start the drive with a nice 20-yard catch from Nacua. Stafford then turned what could have been a negative play or an incompletion into a nice 13-yard catch and run by Kyren Williams with a side-arm throw. This was followed by three runs for 5, 7 and 6 yards. Stafford then hit Puka Nacua for a 26-yard touchdown pass to seal the win for the Rams.