Rams Draft Watch: Will They Add A Special Teams Player In The 2023 Draft?

The Rams have no specialists on their roster. Should they draft to solve that problem? Vote Now!

With no current special teams players on the roster, the Los Angeles Rams will need to address this area in the upcoming draft. Let’s explore the possibility of the Rams selecting special teams players with their last two picks, while also considering other options like signing undrafted free agents or signing a veteran free agent.

Should The Rams Draft A Kicker, Punter, or a Long-Snapper in 2023?

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The Rams currently have no specialist players on their roster, leaving significant gaps in their kicking, punting, and return game. These positions are crucial for any team, and the Rams will need to find solutions before the start of the season. Additionally, the Rams are cap-strapped, making it even more important for them to find cost-effective solutions. I think many Rams fans will remember the special teams scramble when Greg Zuerlein left the team with Coach John Fassel a few years ago.

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Considering their roster needs, the Rams might be wise to use their last two picks on special teams players. This would allow them to fill these positions with young, talented players who can develop and contribute to the team’s success in the long run. Punting options in the draft include Michael Turk and Brad Robbins, both of whom could be solid additions to the team.

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The Rams could also look into signing undrafted free agents or veterans who have been cut from other teams to fill the holes on their roster. This strategy would provide them with experienced players who can contribute immediately, while also allowing them to save valuable cap space. Depending on how the draft goes, they might be wise to use their draft picks to fill up the many holes on the roster.

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