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Quarterback Carousel: Houston Texans Edition

Here we are again. The Texans are faced with a challenge that they know far too well… figuring out who to start at quarterback. “I thought Deshaun Watson was the QB?” Well, he went down with a torn ACL because Texans fans just can’t have nice things and the team might be hexed.

“But you guys have Tom Savage as the backup!”, yeah well after watching his performance against the Indianapolis Colts, I’m convinced he doesn’t understand how to play the quarterback position.

Watson Goes Down

Deshaun Watson put on a dazzling performance against the Seattle Seahawks in week 8 and the team was ready to make a push for those last 9 games. Then, something horrible happened. It was reported after the team’s practice on Wednesday of last week that Watson sat out of practice with a sore knee. That was tough to read as a fan but at least it was just a sore knee and he was okay.

Then, the breaking news… Deshaun Watson suffered a torn ACL in practice. When I read that report, my day was ruined. Watson was going to break every rookie quarterback record to ever exist. His blazing beginning to his career had everyone, including non-Texans fans, ready each week to see how he would demolish the next team. It was heart-breaking.

Tom Savage Time, Again

The Texans have given Tom Savage so many chances to prove he was the quarterback of the future… and he was just never able to grasp the position. It was either injuries or just bad play that kept Savage out of the starting spot for the last 4 years.

Watson took Savage’s spot in the 2nd half of the FIRST game of the 2017 season. As fans, we thought we would never have to see Savage under center as the starter again… and here we are. Tom Savage looks incompetent on the field. Players are left wide open all game because he just doesn’t have the vision, he just can’t get the ball to the open man… it’s nearly impossible to watch.

The Texans have resorted to signing scrubs to fill out the remaining quarterback spots just for insurance. The team signed Josh Johnson, a quarterback who has bounced from various teams over the years and who has no chance of ever actually playing for the team.

Colin Kaepernick is still available but according to Bill O’Brien, Kaepernick hasn’t played any “real football” for a while (just last season)… but Josh Johnson has? Josh Johnson hasn’t played in a real football game since 2011.

On To Week 10

The Texans face the L.A. Rams in Los Angeles on Sunday. The Texans will lose that game, possibly get blown out, and again will look stupid for resorting to horrible quarterback play instead of calling the best player available to come play the most important position. Hopefully Savage can look like a functioning quarterback on Sunday because if not, it will be a long game for the team and for fans.

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