Projecting The Rams 2020 Offensive Starters

Los Angeles Rams Running Back Darrell Henderson. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | The LAFB Network
Los Angeles Rams Running Back Darrell Henderson. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | The LAFB Network

NFL facilities are beginning to open and that means training camp will soon be upon us. Sure, they’ll be closed practices but they’re happening none the less. The Rams offense was off-kilter all last season and they used the draft to retool at certain positions and are changing their offensive schemes. That said, in projecting their starters on offense, as much as things are going to change they are also going to remain the same.

Projecting The Rams 2020 Offensive Starters

Quarterback: Jared Goff

Duh. Seriously, every disgruntled fan’s fever dream of Cam Newton or someone else coming in is not happening. Sorry.

Running Back: Cam Akers

The Rams turned a lot of heads when they passed up a myriad of other players to take Akers despite trading up to pick Darrell Henderson a year earlier. That said, Sean McVay is in love with the versatility Akers offers so he might technically be the starter in what is a very fluid positional group.

Wide Receiver 1: Robert Woods


Wide Receiver 2: Cooper Kupp


Wide Receiver 3: Josh Reynolds

There’s a chance rookie Van Jefferson takes this spot over as the year goes on but it’s not likely given that Reynolds has the experience and filled in nicely over the last two years when Kupp and Brandin Cooks were hurt.

Tight End: Tyler Higbee

This isn’t a huge surprise given how strong he closed out 2019 and how Gerald Everett hasn’t been able to usurp him on a permanent basis.

Left Tackle: Andrew Whitworth

Until his watch has ended he’s the starter.

Left Guard: Austin Corbett

Now here’s where things get interesting as Joe Noteboom was the incumbent but he got hurt near the middle of the year and that spot was influx. He was just starting to get into gear before his injury but it’s no guarantee he remains the starter. Corbett makes sense given the Rams traded for him at the deadline and he can play anywhere on the line. Noteboom or David Edwards could come in but right now the slight edge goes to Corbett.

Center: Brian Allen

Allen re-signed for one more season so he’s not exactly the once and future center. If he doesn’t wind up starting at right guard, Austin Blythe could wind up the starting center. For now, we will pencil in Allen.

Right Guard: Austin Blythe

Again, there’s so much uncertainty on the interior of the line that projecting starters can feel like a fool’s errand. David Edwards COULD be the starter but Blythe, Noteboom, Jamil Demby, or Coleman Shelton could wind up with the job. Blythe or Edwards are the two most likely but that’s why we have training camp battles.

Right Tackle: Rob Havenstein

Despite his contract and incumbency Havenstein has a lot to prove. It would be easy projecting him as a starter and he likely will be but Bobby Evans should give him a run for his money. Havenstein had an OFF 2019, to say the least, and his bid to be the Whitworth in waiting went wildly off track prior to the injury. Bobby Evans took over the starting job towards the end of the year and the line seemed to fall into place and the offense seemed to finally function at a playoff-caliber level. Should Havenstein fail to get it together, the Rams could bench him in place of Evans if not trade him for the cap relief as was rumored all off-season.

In projecting the Rams’ offensive starters the line is the only real area of intrigue. Outside of Whitworth, the remaining four spots are all up for grabs as the Rams have a slew of guys that could slip into any spot at any given time. So for as much talk as there was about a stealth rebuild, the offense remains largely the same. Hopefully, the protection is what’s wildly different. You’re move, Aaron Kromer.