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Potential Non Quarterback MVP Candidates

With the NFL season coming to end, I felt it’s important to look at some of the potential players who could get the award of Most Valuable Player. However, I believe it’s necessary to look at potential non-QB candidates who people can make an argument on why that player deserves the award. I’ve narrowed it down to three non-QB players who I believe should at least deserve a spot of candidacy for MVP of the year.

Antonio Brown

Currently in the lead for pass receiving yards of the season, Antonio Brown, in my opinion, is the most deserving non-QB player to win MVP of the year. With having a total of 1509 receiving yards, some have even argued that Brown is on his way to breaking the all-time record of most receiving yards in a season, which is currently held by Calvin Johnson with 1,964 yards. While there’s no doubt that Antonio Brown has had a successful season as of this moment, it’s still a long shot for him to take home with the award, especially since the fact that there has never been a wide receiver to win an MVP award. It’s also worth noting that ESPN recently conducted a poll for who is the most deserving for an MVP award out of players such as Antonio Brown, Russell Wilson, Carson Wentz, Tom Brady, and Drew Brees. Brown ended up receiving the least votes behind Wilson, thus questioning his chances out of actually winning the award in reality.

Kareem Hunt

With being in┬ásecond place for most rushing yards of the year behind Le’Veon Bell with 1,046 yards, Hunt, in my opinion, has made a case for candidacy for MVP; especially over Le’Veon Bell since he is able to average more rushing yards a carry with 4.8 yards. Like Brown, it’s probably a long shot for Hunt to actually win an MVP in reality, but when looking in consideration, Hunt has stats to prove that he one of the best running backs in the league. It’s worth noting that Hunt has the most average rushing yards per carry out of the current top 5 players with the most rushing yards a season. With the Kansas City Chiefs being first in the AFC West division, Hunt has proven to himself that he is not only a valuable asset to the Chiefs but also the entire NFL with what he has accomplished this season.

Todd Gurley III

With the Rams making a complete turn-around with their performance this season, I felt it was necessary to include Todd Gurley III in this debate on which non-QB player deserves to be a candidate for MVP. With placing 3rd in most rushing yards a season and an average of 4.4 yards a carry, I felt Gurley should be a relevant part in this debate on non-QB players for candidacy if Kareem Hunt is being discussed. I personally believe he is more of a deserving candidate for MVP over Le’Veon Bell, who currently has the most rushing yards of the season with 1,105 yards. I say this because even though Bell has the most rushing yards of the season, his yards per average isn’t too good with 3.9 yards a carry. Gurley is not only close behind Bell’s season rushing yards with 1,035 yards and has a much better rushing yards average per carry.


Like I’ve stated further, it’s going to be a long shot for any of those players to actually win the MVP of the season when names like Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and Russell Wilson are being discussed. However, when looking at these players and observing their stats, there’s no reason in my opinion why these players can’t be discussed as a possibility for candidacy for MVP of the year. Especially in Antonio Brown’s case since he may very well end up breaking Calvin Johnson’s record in most receiving yards a season. And keep in mind there is still a few weeks left, so these non-QB players still have a chance to do something more spectacular to justify their position in possible MVP candidacy.

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