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Marcus Mariota injured his hamstring in the Titans 57-14 loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday. It isn’t clear when Mariota will return but what is clear is that the Titans offense went with him. The “exotic smash mouth” offense won’t be in operation as long as Matt Cassel is the quarterback. The once hopeful Titans season is in danger of going out the window. Injuries happen but Mariota is vital to the Titans success.

The Titans are aware that Cassel might not be the answer so they have a plan B. The Titans signed Brandon Weeden, that’s right Brandon Weeden. This is a frightening prospect. Weeden got drafted with the 22nd pick in 2012 at the age of 27. He quickly flamed out in Cleveland before being replaced by fellow flame out Johnny Manziel. Weeden has played for the Cowboys and most recently the Texans. The point is what once started as a promising season has quickly fallen apart. Unless DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry can carry the load he Titans will likely miss the playoffs.

What makes all of this worse is that the Titans passed over Colin Kaepernick in favor of 33-year-old Weeden. At first, it seemed far-fetched to think Kaepernick was being blackballed but now it’s clear. When Weeden and Cassel have jobs it is preposterous that Kaepernick does not.

Hopefully, the Titans can weather the storm in the meantime. Their defense needs to get better in order to lighten the load on offense. When he eventually comes back, Mariota’s running will have to be reigned in otherwise this will be the norm. Mariota is the franchise and it’s up to the coaching staff to protect him. He’s a gifted runner but as we’ve seen with Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III that playing style eventually takes its toll.

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