NFL Week 4 Parlay Bets: 3 Of The Best Parlay’s That Will Make You Money

Ryan Dyrud
Mandalay Bay Sports Book. Photo Credit: The LAFB Network
Mandalay Bay Sports Book. Photo Credit: The LAFB Network

NFL Week 4 Parlay Bets: 3 Of The Best Parlays That Will Make You Money

This week marks the first quarter of the 2019 NFL season being done and while the season always goes by faster than we want, the one bright side is team’s identities are becoming more clear. Clearer identities means easier bets and this is the first week of the entire season I am truly confident in knowing what the best bets of the week are.

Before you ask what that has meant for the previous few weeks, last week I went 2-1 with the one lost parlay being the admittedly riskiest one of them all so that should tell you how I feel about this week.

Before I get into it, I will not be including the Chargers in any of the parlays because they currently sit at -970 on the money line  and are obviously the safest bet you can make but that basically takes all the fun out of this so go ahead with that if you want but in the meantime, here are the three best parlays you can bet on in Week 4.

While parlays are always the riskiest bets you can place compared to spreads, we’ll break down the safest parlay you can place, another will make you some money but carries some risk and the riskiest but most fruitful one you can place. For this article, we will take a look at 3-team parlays based on each team’s money line with each one based on its level of risk.

For the NFL Week 4 parlay bets, The LAFB Network is bringing you the best three-team money lines to place your bets on. The best money lines come from the best website to place your bets and that is so be sure to check out their website for convenient online gambling both in and out sports!

Safest Parlay

3-team parlay: Los Angeles Rams (-450), Seattle Seahawks (-240), Dallas Cowboys (-140)

I say it every week and I’ll say it again, I know these winners seem boring but safest usually means boring. With this week, however, there are some favorites with good odds that this will still pay off fairly well. Despite the Buccaneers surprising win over the Panthers two weeks ago, it seems like Tampa Bay has fallen back to Earth after a tight loss against the New York Giants. The Rams meanwhile have returned to top form even with the health of Todd Gurley still in question for the long term.

Meanwhile, in the NFC West, the Seahawks, and particularly Russell Wilson, will be looking to bounce back from a surprising loss against the New Orleans Saints without Drew Brees. The Seahawks have been playing every opponent tight this season but they haven’t lost in Arizona since 2012 and while Kyler Murray has looked impressive, Arizona needs a better roster around him to truly pull off the upset over Seattle.

The Cowboys meanwhile are benefitting from the Saints upset win over the Seahawks. While Dallas has had an easy schedule to start the season and are on the road, it’s hard to imagine Bridgewater can repeat his performance against a more talented Cowboys defense that has proven they can win against unproven to mediocre quarterbacks.

Riskier Parlay

3-team parlay: Houston Texans (-200), Atlanta Falcons (-195), Pittsburgh Steelers (-190) 

I was tempted to put the Texans in my safest parlay bets category as they have a home game against the Carolina Panthers who are still being led by Kyle Allen. While Allen was the feel-good story coming out of Week 3, it is hugely important to remember that was against an incredibly weak Cardinals defense. The Texans still have a healthy Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins paired with a Texans defense that held Philip Rivers and a loaded Chargers offense to 20 points last week so expect them to pull off the win.

The Steelers are coming off a very tough loss to the 49ers last week that, honestly, they probably should’ve won. Mason Rudolph didn’t look completely lost but there wasn’t much to inspire confidence either. However, the Cincinnati Bengals have looked completely inept through the first three weeks of the season save for the last quarter against the Bills. Sure, Joe Mixon has been struggling with injuries but even when fully healthy, he was pretty ineffective until late against the Bills. The Steelers at home during primetime against a weak divisional opponent? I’ll take that nine times out of 10.

The riskiest bet in this group is the Falcons. The Titans, as per usual, have been pretty inconsistent to start the season and Atlanta meanwhile almost pulled off an impressive comeback against the Indianapolis Colts last week. While the Titans definitely have upset potential, the Falcons are still likely to pull this one off at home.

Riskiest Parlay

3-team parlay: Jacksonville Jaguars (+145), Minnesota Vikings (+105), Cleveland Browns (+250)

With this parlay, there are two teams I feel confident in being able to pull off the upset and the third is one that I am less sure about but wouldn’t be shocked if it happened. The Jaguars and Vikings would both be favorites if they were at home which are always the best lines to go for. The Jaguars nearly pulled off the upset against the Texans in Week 2 and their defense followed up with an impressive win over the Tennessee Titans last week. While I am not a big believer in Marcus Mariota, at this point in his career he is undoubtedly a better quarterback than Joe Flacco. As long as Gardner Minshew continues his surprise rookie campaign and the Jags’ defense holds up against a Broncos offense that has yet to top 16 points in a game this season, Jacksonville should be able to pull off this upset.

The Chicago Bears have only stayed competitive this year because their defense ranks in the top five in terms of points per game while their offense ranks ahead of only the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets. Definitely not a good sign when taking on a similarly strong defense in the Vikings. Along with that, Taylor Gabriel has been ruled out, leaving a limited Chicago Bears offense even more so. The Vikings could easily pull this upset off.

As for the most unsure pick here, the Cleveland Browns have gotten off to a very inconsistent start to the season with a surprising loss to the Titans and another against the Rams. While calling this upset may seem too in favor of the Browns, since 2013, seven of the last 12 meetings between Cleveland and Baltimore have been decided by seven points or less. That was with lowly Browns rosters and with arguably the most talented Cleveland team ever, an upset is worth betting on if you want to take a risk.