How Many NFL Players Have The UCLA Bruins Produced In Recent Years?

Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

The UCLA Bruins have a proud history of producing NFL talent, and many former Bruins are making significant impacts in the league. Here’s a look at five standout seasoned veterans and five promising newcomers from UCLA Football currently excelling in the NFL.

UCLA Bruins NFL Seasoned Veterans

1. Kenny Clark (Defensive Tackle, Green Bay Packers)

Drafted: 2016, 1st round, 27th overall

Contributions: Kenny Clark has been a stalwart on the Packers’ defensive line since his rookie year. Known for his ability to disrupt the run game and pressure quarterbacks, Clark has earned Pro Bowl selections and is considered one of the top defensive tackles in the league. His leadership and consistency have been invaluable to Green Bay’s defense.

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2. Eric Kendricks (Linebacker, Dallas Cowboys)

Drafted: 2015, 2nd round, 45th overall

Contributions: Eric Kendricks recently joined the Dallas Cowboys and continues to be a key defensive player. Renowned for his excellent tackling, coverage skills, and football IQ, Kendricks has consistently been among the league leaders in tackles. His presence strengthens the Cowboys’ linebacker corps and provides veteran leadership.

3. Marcedes Lewis (Tight End, Chicago Bears)

Drafted: 2006, 1st round, 28th overall

Contributions: One of the longest-active players in the NFL, Marcedes Lewis is known for his exceptional blocking and reliable receiving.

4. Kolton Miller (Offensive Tackle, Las Vegas Raiders)

Drafted: 2018, 1st round, 15th overall

Contributions: Kolton Miller has been a cornerstone of the Raiders’ offensive line. Known for his consistency, durability, and ability to protect the quarterback’s blindside, Miller has played a vital role on the offensive line.

5. Ka’imi Fairbairn (Placekicker, Houston Texans)

Drafted: 2016, undrafted free agent

Contributions: Ka’imi Fairbairn has been a reliable kicker for the Texans, leading the NFL in scoring in 2018.

UCLA Bruins Promising Newcomers

1. Dorian Thompson-Robinson (Quarterback, Cleveland Browns)

Drafted: 2023, 5th round, 140th overall

Contributions: Despite his season being cut short due to injury, Dorian Thompson-Robinson has shown flashes of potential as a dynamic quarterback in the preseason. Known for his athleticism, strong arm, and ability to make plays on the run, Thompson-Robinson is a promising talent for the Browns. His development will be closely watched as he returns from injury.

2. Osa Odighizuwa (Defensive Tackle, Dallas Cowboys)

Drafted: 2021, 3rd round, 75th overall

Contributions: Osa Odighizuwa has quickly become an integral part of the Cowboys’ defense. With his strength and quickness, he excels at disrupting the opposing offensive line and pressuring the quarterback. Odighizuwa’s ability to play both the run and pass effectively makes him a key player on the Cowboys’ defensive front.

3. Sean Rhyan (Offensive Guard, Green Bay Packers)

Drafted: 2022, 3rd round, 92nd overall

Contributions: Sean Rhyan has slowly started to contribute to the Packers’ offensive line. Known for his physicality, Rhyan has the potential to develop into a really solid NFL player.

4. Quentin Lake (Safety, Los Angeles Rams)

Drafted: 2022, 6th round, 211th overall

Contributions: Quentin Lake has been a standout in the Rams’ secondary, making key tackles and pass deflections. His ability to read the game and provide coverage in the backfield has been instrumental in strengthening the Rams’ defense. Lake’s emergence as a reliable safety bodes well for the future of the Los Angeles Rams defensive unit.

5. Greg Dulcich (Tight End, Denver Broncos)

Drafted: 2022, 3rd round, 80th overall

Contributions: Greg Dulcich has shown promise as a versatile tight end for the Broncos. Known for his athleticism and receiving skills, Dulcich has become a reliable target in the passing game. The only thing holding him back is injury concerns, if he can stay healthy, he is a starting-caliber tight end week in and week out.

These UCLA Bruins alumni have transitioned successfully to the NFL, making significant contributions to their teams and showcasing the talent developed at UCLA. Their performances highlight the strength of the Bruins’ football program and its ability to produce top-tier NFL talent.