NFL Mock Draft 3.0; Myles Garrett No Matter What

Ryan Dyrud

We are a mere day away from the 2017 NFL Draft and its time for our final assessment, our mock draft 3.0. There is now way to perfectly predict what NFL executives will do on Thursday and through the weekend, but it is certainly fun to speculate.

A lot has happened since our previous mock draft was released. It was announced that Reuben Foster and Jabrill Peppers failed their drug test at the combine by way of “dilution.” While this doesn’t necessarily mean that these players were positive, it is still a failed drug test and certainly raises some red flags, and may cause a slip in draft stock.

In more sobering news, former Ohio State cornerback Gareon Conley was accused of rape, according to Cleveland Police for an incident earlier this month. The incident is being investigated but Conley has not been charged or arrested at this time. However, this begs the question “why in the hell would you put yourself in this situation weeks before the biggest day of your life?” Even if Conley is found innocent, if I was an NFL executive, I wouldn’t touch this guy strictly based on stupidity. Many scouts around the league had him rated as the number two corner. With the investigation ongoing, and a verdict not likely until weeks from now, I expect Conley’s draft stock to plummet, maybe out of the draft completely, see La’el Collins episode from 2015.

Reports have been swirling that the Cleveland Browns are “seriously” considering taking Mitchell Trubisky with the number one overall pick. Personally, I think it’s just smoke, but it has the media in a frenzy. To me, Trubisky is not a day one starter, and you can’t take a player with the first overall pick that is not a day one starter, i.e. the disaster that happened in Los Angeles last season.

Here is how we see it. Tune in Thursday at 5 pm PT for all necessary draft coverage and analysis. There will undoubtedly be surprises and question marks. Spark the Diatribe on Facebook and Twitter!

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