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NFL Bold Predictions Week 6

The Patriots Score 7 Touchdowns Against The Jets

Before I write this, did you know that the Patriots and Jets are both 3-2? Hard to believe, but football can be a fickle beast that spits on our predictions, regardless of how bold or rational.

Despite boasting the same records, I don’t imagine this contest to be that close. Of course heavily favoring the Patriots isn’t anything surprising, which is why I had to step up the boldness of my claim. Yes, seven touchdowns are incredibly difficult and have only been achieved a handful of times in the course of the NFL. However, the Patriots have all the offensive weaponry to pull this off.

Tom Brady has been superb in the early goings of this season. He’s currently achieved 11 total TDs with only 1 interception. Although Brady deserves much, if not most, of the credit for the Patriots highly potent offense, let’s not undervalue the impact of his supporting cast.

The combination of Brandin Cooks, Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola, Gronk, and James White provide Brady with an incredibly balanced bevy of targets to pick from. Each player listed is effective in receiving passes in one or more areas of the field. Cooks and Hogan cover everything outside of the middle hash marks and most deep balls. Amendola and Gronk cover the middle of the field and are great on deep or mid-range passes. Lastly, White out of the backfield is a nightmare for any linebacker assigned to cover him.

Brady’s ability to throw to anywhere on the field with relative ease, coupled with the Jets questionable secondary, is going to be a recipe for putting up points in bundles. Additionally, the Pats are playing with a chip on their shoulder, the chip of “Hey! We’re still the team to beat in this league!”

At the end of the fourth quarter, the Pats walk off the field with a 52 point win, of which 5 touchdowns will come off of Brady’s methodic dismantling of the Jets’ defense.

The Ravens Force 4 Turnovers Against Mike Trubisky

This past week, football fans got to the see the debut of another rookie quarterback prospect, and although the Bears lost, Trubisky played alright. However, this week’s matchup will be much more challenging for the new signal caller.

Trubisky is going to be playing his first away game. Professional athletes are skilled and trained enough to handle the pressures of an away crowd.  But this upcoming Sunday he’s going to face a determined Ravens unit. After an impressive showing in the first couple of games, the Ravens were gashed by the Steelers and Jaguars in back-to-back weeks.

Although the Ravens bounced back, this week will be a prime opportunity to make their mark in the AFC North. Their main rivals, the Steelers are facing off against the Chiefs, a game they will likely lose. If the Ravens win this Sunday, they gain a game up on the Steelers.

More importantly, though, the Ravens defense will have a great chance to return to form. This stout unit currently has 12 turnovers since the beginning of the season. I think that by the end of the week, they’ll have 3 more interceptions and 1 more fumble recovery to add to their total. Ravens win 20 – 13!

DeMarco Murray And Derrick Henry Rush For 100+ Yards Each Against The Colts

Last week, I foolishly, or too boldly, asserted that Carlos Hyde would rush for 120 yards against Indy. I’ll admit that I was way off, and grossly overestimated the 49ers ability to run the ball. Despite that error in my judgement, I feel far more confident in making this suggestion.

For starters, Murray and Henry are simply more talented runners than Hyde. I’m aware that some would disagree with that statement, but this tandem might be the best in the league (well, second best, can’t beat Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman). Naysayers should consider the Colts defense in this game, the divisional component, and it being a home game for the Titans as all contributing to Murray and Henry’s production.

The Titans sit at 2-3 and are watching the reborn Texans and Jaguars play better and better each week. Additionally, Marcus Mariota isn’t fully healthy and isn’t a lock to play this week against the Colts. Once again, the Titans will have to lean on their running game to move the ball. This run-heavy scheme didn’t work against the Dolphins, but I think it has a much better chance of working this week.

Derrick Henry Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars

NASHVILLE, TN – Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans runs the ball during a preseason game against the Carolina Panthers at Nissan Stadium on August 20, 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Panthers defeated the Titans 26-16. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images – Under Creative Commons License)

The Colts rank 31st in overall defense and have struggled offensively all season. Their inability to move the ball on offense and stop the ball on defense will give the Titans a lot of time of possession. Slowly and with one run at a time, the Titans’ running backs will chip away at an exhausted Colts defensive front. Eventually, Murray and Henry break off a couple of big runs, which give them massive yardage totals by the end of the game, and ultimately giving the Titans a 21 – 17 victory.

The Broncos Sack Eli Manning 10 times

I feel a little guilty making this bold prediction; the Giants have gone through enough. After a painfully memorable week of injuries across the NFL, the Giants arguably were the hardest hit. The team not only lost their star player/offensive center piece in Odell Beckham Jr, but they also lost Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard (unlike Beckham and Marshall, Shepard is likely to return this season).

None of these injuries have anything to do with the Broncos defense, at least not directly, which brings me to the main reason I think this speculation is possible. Namely, Manning will have little to no rhythm or rapport with whatever ragtag crew of wideouts New York assembles. His primary targets will likely be 4th receiver Roger Lewis and rookie tight end Evan Engram. I think in time these players might be able to establish some dynamics with Manning, but that won’t happen after just one week.

However, Manning’s lack of chemistry with his receivers will be the least of his worries. Unfortunately for the Giants, they’re going to be facing the fiercest secondary in the game, the No Fly Zone. Play-after-play, Manning’s targets won’t be able to get open. The longer he waits for a player to get open, the longer he’ll hold onto the ball. The Giants already possess one of the worst offensive lines in the game. The combination of these elements and the Von Miller lead front 7 will inevitably result in a litany of sacks. Broncos win the game handily 38 – 7.

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