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New York Jets Bryce Petty

New York Jets Quarterback Bryce Petty. Photo Credit: Keith Allison – Under Creative Commons License

Are The New York Jets Going To Challenge For A Playoff Spot In 2017?

If you answered yes, you’re kidding yourself. If you answered no, then what is the answer to the question of who will be the New York Jets starting quarterback this coming season?

The Jets are clearly a team in complete rebuilding mode, playing for the future and seeing what kind of talent, if any, they have on the current roster. So why then, would you consider starting Josh McCown at quarterback?

McCown will play for his tenth NFL team in 2017. He’s never led a single one of them to the postseason. He’s not going to do it with the Jets, either.

New York Jets Have No Reason Not To Start Bryce Petty At QB

Meanwhile, the Jets have two high draft picks that are being wasted. Bryce Petty was selected in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL draft and just one year later, the team chose Christian Hackenberg in the second round.

Now, it’s very possible that neither of those players is worthy of playing in the NFL. But right now, when you’re already destined to be a very, very bad team, is the time to find out.

In the team’s most recent preseason game against the New York Giants, Hackenberg did throw two interceptions, but Petty was terrific, completing 15-of-18 passes for 250 yards and three touchdowns. And even if it did come against inferior defensive talent, it’s nice to see the 26-year old progressing.

The answer is not to sit him on the bench. But as Rich Cimini of ESPN reports, the starting job has been given to McCown. That is such a backwards philosophy and suggests that head coach Todd Bowles is afraid to lose games so he’s going to send out an experienced veteran to put forth some chance of winning games.

But that’s the problem, McCown is not a winner. In fact, he’s lost 20 of his past 22 starts.

Even if Petty went out and fell flat on his face, then McCown could come in and pick up the scraps for the rest of the year. At least he would get more experience of playing with some of the young weapons the team does have such as ArDarius Stewart, Robby Anderson, and Bilal Powell.

Instead, he’ll be sitting on the bench waiting for McCown to inevitably fail and once he is inserted back into the lineup, his confidence will be completely shot. And he’ll actually be feeling great compared to the way Hackenberg feels.

If you’re an NFL team and you’re wondering how not to handle a quarterback situation, just watch what the Jets are doing and take good notes so this nonsense is never repeated.

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