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The New England Patriots season is less than hours away and the reigning Super Bowl Champions are coming into this season with a very different look. The Patriots have lost some players but also gained a new talented bunch.

For any other team, new recruits mean time to mesh and build chemistry, something almost impossible to do, while still winning games. Yet, it is the Patriots we are talking about and this is hardly ever the case for them. Coach Bill Belichick, somehow always finds a way to integrate new players into their sophisticated play book. So, with new players, old players returning, or some being out for the season, the Patriots will always be playoff contenders.

Rob Gronkowski is back this season, having not played since last December, due to injury. Having Gronk back secures a more trustworthy target for Tom Brady. During the preseason, Gronkowski played like his usual self and although it might be a cliche, he is definitely back and having him back is always a great thing for the Patriots.

Unfortunately, Julian Edelman will be out for a whole year due to a knee injury. This is not good news for the Patriots, but it is also isn’t bad enough for them to not have a successful year. It will be tougher on Brady to learn to trust his new receivers, but the Patriots will do just fine.

Getting new players, old players, not having others will be a tough adjustment, but nothing that the Patriots can’t handle. So how will the defending champs do? Many have speculated when the NFL schedules were released, that the Pats could go unbeaten and for the most part, I agree. There will be a game or two that could mean trouble for the Patriots but in the end, I see them heading straight to the AFC Championship and possibly winning it as well. Take a look at what a possible 2017-2018 season could look like for the Patriots.

Week 1 (9/07) vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The reigning Super Bowl champions start off their season at home against the Kansas City Chiefs and you won’t believe who wins. If you guessed the Patriots, the reigning champs, you are right! It’s not fair for the poor Chiefs to start off their season playing at Foxborough against the New England Patriots, but someone had to be first. The Patriots haven’t lost a home game opener since 2012, and don’t expect it to come this season. The Chiefs might get some points on the board, yet it will not be enough to beat the Pats.

Results: Win 31-20


Week 2 (9/17) @ New Orleans Saints

Going into week two for the New England Patriots will be another easy win. The Saints will get on the score board, but it will be their lack of defense that will ultimately give them the loss. Last season the Saints allowed the most passing yards per game, on average 273 yards, and I don’t expect for this season to be any different. The Saints have been working on their offense in the offseason, but their defense remains largely the same. They will both be able to score, but the Saints won’t be able to stop Brady.

Results: Win 41-28


Week 3 (9/24) vs. Houston Texans

The Texans are coming into this game as AFC South Champions and hoping to hand the Patriots their first loss, but it will just not happen. We’ve seen the Texans come into Gillette Stadium before and keep it close, but J.J. Watt is not enough to beat this Patriots team. The Texans are coming into this game with essentially a rookie quarterback, Tom Savage. Savage might have potential, but when it comes to winning against Tom Brady and the Patriots, inexperience will come into play.

Results: Win 24-16


Week 4 (10/01) vs. Carolina Panthers

After beating the Texans, the New England Patriots will then host the Carolina Panthers. Again, the Patriots will outshine the Panthers offensively but might have a little trouble defensively. The Patriots will score and the Panthers will score, but it’s going to come down to who scores the most. In that case, it will be the Patriots and although it will be fairly close, New England will still take the win.

Results: Win 27-23


Week 5 (10/05) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New England will be traveling to Florida for this game, but the trip will not be a factor. Although the Buccaneers have come a long way, the Patriots are just too experienced and are too good to beat. Historically, the Buccaneers haven’t been able to put up a good game against the Patriots, but I have feeling that this game will be different. Tampa Bay will be able to compete, yet the Patriots will still come away with yet another win. Maybe next year!

Results: Win 21-17


Week 6 (10/15) @ New York Jets

The Patriots’ trip isn’t over quite yet. Before heading back home, they will make a pit stop in New York and play the Jets. The Jets lack of offseason moves makes them one of the easier teams to beat this season. Their passing game and their red zone offense are below average in the NFL and the Patriots will run the ball all over them. Another win for the Patriots.

Results: Win 31-14


Week 7 (10/22) vs. Atlanta Falcons

This is going to be a tough match up for the Patriots. The Falcons are going to treat this game as redemption for Super Bowl LI and play their heart out. During the offseason, the Falcons have made sure to continue to stack their defense with players like Dontari Poe, but in the end, it is not enough to beat the Patriots offensively. It will be a close one but the Patriots will pull away with the win.

Result: Win 28-21


Week 8 (10/29) vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers moving from San Diego to Los Angeles will be a great change, but not enough to beat the New England Patriots. The Patriots will have home field advantage and the Chargers lack of talent will not push them through when you’re going against the reigning Super Bowl champs. The Chargers are just an average team, and average does not beat excellence, at least not this season.

Results: Win 31-7




Week 10 (11/12) @ Denver Broncos

The Patriots will be coming into this game nice and rested, which means trouble for the Broncos. Since Peyton Manning’s retirement, the Broncos have become less of an offensive team to look out for. The defense might be the only way that the Broncos can get to the Patriots, but it will not be enough to get the win. The Patriots will continue to add wins to their season, including this one.

Results: Win 24-21


Week 11 (11/19) @ Oakland Raiders

Now normally, I would never have the Raiders beating the Patriots, but this game is different. This match up will be played in Mexico City and the Raiders will be coming off of their bye week. The Raiders’ offseason moves, like signing Marshawn Lynch, have only improved their already great team. So you can imagine the Patriots coming into Mexico to play a team who already has experience playing out of the country and who have an amazing new offense. The Patriots will have a very difficult task ahead of them. Although it will be a close one, the Pats will not have enough this time and the Raiders will pull out the victory.

Results: Loss 28-24


Week 12 (11/26) vs. Miami Dolphins

Drama unfolded at Miami when their starting quarterback was injured and replaced with formerly retired QB, Jay Cutler. This can only mean good news for the Patriots and Tom Brady. Against the Miami Dolphins, the Patriots have always been offensively and defensively better. Now, with Cutler, things might just get easier. Cutler has never been able to topple the Patriots, and being on a new team will make no difference. This is just another win for New England before they set off on a 3-week trip.

Results: Win 38-10


Week 13 (12/03) @ Buffalo Bills

The first stop will be New Era Field where they will play against the Bills. With Rex Ryan as head coach, the Bills and Patriots match up was always something to look forward too. A lot of talking by Ryan to get the Patriots hyped up, but with Ryan being fired, much of that anticipation is now lost. Not only have they fired Ryan, but the Bills have also lost starters and they are nowhere in playoff contention form. Tom Brady will come and do his thing, like always, and add another win to their stat line.

Results: Win 27-10


Week 14 (12/11) @ Miami Dolphins

Is Jay Cutler still quarterback? Yes. Then add another win for the New England Patriots before heading to Pittsburg.

Results: Win 35-21


Week 15 (12/17) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers were arguably the better defensive team heading into the AFC Championship game in the 2016 season, but the Patriots were very well prepared for them, as they beat them 36-17. Heading into this season, the Steelers haven’t changed much, except for Le’Veon Bell being healthy. Yet, even with Bell, it won’t be enough to compete with the Patriots. The Steelers will try, as they always do, but fail in a letdown of a game.

Result: Win 28-14


Week 16 (12/24) vs. Buffalo Bills

Expecting nothing to change from their first meeting, the Patriots will take the win again. The Bills might be a little bit more prepared, and all it will do is just improve their stat line.

Results: Win 30-13


Week 17 (12/31) vs. New York Jets.

The Patriots beat the New York Jets in Week 6, and Week 17 won’t be any different. Tom Brady might not play the full game because by now the Patriots would have already set themselves up to be in the playoffs, so maybe the Jets will make it a close game. Maybe. The Patriots will win and go into the playoffs rested and ready for the journey ahead.

Results: Win 31-14


2017 New England Patriots Season Results: 15-1

Although many think that the Patriots could go undefeated into the playoffs, I just don’t think it will happen this season. They will however only lose one game with many others ending in close calls. The fact of the matter is that the Patriots are the team to beat, and not many will get the pleasure of beating them. The New England Patriots will definitely be on their way to the playoffs, and possibly repeating as Super Bowl Champions.

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