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The turkey comas are slowly coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the holiday weekend is over quite yet. With just a few weeks left in the college football season, the final four playoff spots are still very much up for grabs with LSU and Clemson as the two supposed locks. The LAFB Network is back to break down three best parlay money line bets that will make you money this weekend. So without further ado, let’s a take look at some.

While parlays are always the riskiest bets you can place compared to spreads, we’ll break down the safest parlay you can place, another will make you some money but carries some risk and the riskiest but most fruitful one you can place. For this article, we will take a look at 3-team parlays based on each team’s money line with each one based off its level of risk. For the NCAA Week 14 parlay bets, LAFB Network is bringing you the best three team money lines to place your bets on.

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Safest Parlay

3-team parlay: Oklahoma (-490) vs. Oklahoma State, Pitt (-320) vs. Boston College, Indiana (-255) vs. Purdue

Take the word “safest” with a grain of salt this week in college football. With most teams playing their rivals, things can get unpredictable very fast. With that said, though, last week’s USC vs. UCLA matchup proved that while rivalry games can be unexpected and oftentimes closer than most think, there are still some that are as close to a sure thing as you will get.

The first of which is the Oklahoma Sooners. I think the fact they are coming off a narrow win against a much lesser TCU squad and on the road but are still favored by this much tells you how good they are. With Spencer Sanders out for the Oklahoma State Cowboys and OU needing to win out to even have a chance at making the College Football Playoffs, expect the Sooners to pull this win out.

The next two games are filled with mediocre to bad teams but these odds are still low enough to make sure you win maximum earnings while still being safe. That leads us to the Pitt vs. BC game and it will likely be cold and rainy. That usually results in erratic scoring but it would take a certain number of unlikely things to happen for Boston College to stuff the Panthers. Running back A.J. Dillon is the only real weapon on the Eagles offense and that is really bad news going against their rival. Pitt ranks sixth in the country in run defense and if the weather is bad and passing becomes a burden, only one defense in this matchup has proven they can get the job done.

Indiana is coming into this rivalry game losing the last two meetings to Purdue so it may seem like a bad idea to trust that this is where they break that streak but that is exactly what they are going to do. Save for a pair of exceptions, any time Purdue has to play a team that meets or exceeds their own skill level, it has ended in a blowout this season. Indiana, on the other hand, has played three teams in the top-25 to a loss of nine points or fewer. Not to mention the Boilermakers can’t seem to stay healthy at QB and are being forced to start their third-string quarterback. Indiana’s defense isn’t great but it’s not that bad. Hoosiers by a touchdown.

Riskier Parlay

3-team parlay: Oklahoma (-490) vs. Oklahoma State, Indiana (-255) vs. Purdue, SMU (-170) vs. Tulane

Last week I told you to bet on SMU to beat the Navy Midshipmen if you wanted the absolute riskiest pick. Turns out, that’s exactly where it belonged because they ended up losing to Navy 35-28. Now the once hopefuls for the at-large bid in the New Years Six Bowls are just hoping to end their still surprisingly good season on a high note. If you’ve heard or read any coverage on the Mustangs the past few weeks, you would think their entire season has collapsed but the reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated. While the loss to Navy was definitely a surprising upset, one of those does not undo an entire season’s worth of great performances. The loss to Memphis was a tough one but expected, and in between losses, there was their close performance against East Carolina, but no matter, what a win is a win.

Tulane is no pushover but they have failed to really make a name for themselves with a statement win this season. They beat who they’re supposed to and lose to who they’re supposed to. If they were at home this weekend, I might have a little bit more faith that they could pull this off but I really don’t think there’s any way.

Riskiest Parlay

3-team parlay: Oklahoma (-490) vs. Oklahoma State, Indiana (-255) vs. Purdue, Auburn (+145) vs. Alabama

You guys want risk? You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a more risky yet suitable underdog this weekend than Auburn. Plus, it’s always fun to have another reason to cheer against Alabama right? I know people are going to say that this is a dumb risk as I am once again doubting Nick Saban. However, between Auburn, Michigan, and Minnesota (all the best and most interesting underdogs), I only trust Auburn to have a real shot at the upset. Gus Malzahn has beaten Saban twice which is more than any other active SEC coach and it is important to note the context of this story.

Yes, new quarterback Mac Jones looked impressive in his three-touchdown debut last week but it was against Western Carolina. Auburn is boasting perhaps the best defensive line in college football this season. When Malzahn beat Saban, he was going up against mostly, if not fully, healthy teams and a consistent defense. The Crimson Tide are without their star quarterback and the defense has proven it can be beaten. Is Auburn guaranteed to get the upset? Absolutely not. If you want a fun underdog to include in your parlay that will get you a nice reward, they are the dog you should put your money on.

Jordan-Hare Stadium. Photo Credit: GSankary | Under Creative Commons License

Jordan-Hare Stadium. Photo Credit: GSankary | Under Creative Commons License

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