Nate Herbig NFL Draft Profile

Nate Herbig NFL Draft Profile. Photo Credit: David Bernal | SI Photos | Sports Al Dente Illustration
Nate Herbig NFL Draft Profile. Photo Credit: David Bernal | SI Photos | Sports Al Dente Illustration

Nate Herbig – Guard

School: Stanford

Class: Junior

Height: 6’3

Weight: 335 lbs

Nate Herbig NFL Draft Profile

Top 3 Player Traits


When Herbig gets locked on, he is typically there through the duration of the play. When he gets his hands on a defender, he does a nice of controlling the “steering wheel” as I like to call it. He is also good at running his feet. See 63 in the center of this play.

Reach Block

Herbig is able to demonstrate a perfect reach block in the example below. He is able to get his head on the inside shoulder of the blitzing linebacker giving him the leverage to get his body turned and get in between the ball and the defense. See 63 blocking number 10 of USC.


Yes, he may have played at Stanford, the West Coast’s answer to the Ivy League, but he still possesses the stereotypical offensive line nastiness. Please see below for a perfect example. This is a play that would make Quenton Nelson proud.


3 Player Traits In Need Of Improvement

Anchoring Down

There were a few times I noticed Herbig struggling with the bull rush move. Thankfully for Herbig, the center steps over to assist before the 3 technique gets in the face of the quarterback.


Kick Out Blocks

Herbig pulls here and stays fairly tight to the line. It appears Herbig’s job is to kick out the EDGE and allow the fullback to lead block into the hole behind. Instead, Herbig seems to be caught off guard by his positioning and fails to kick him out which throws off the rest of the play.



In the example below, a blitz throws off the blocking assignments and if Herbig or his fellow linemen would have communicated, it would have been avoided. The center and Herbig go after the same defender and then Herbig attempts to pick up the blitzer and gets ran into by the fullback. This play doesn’t look so sloppy if everyone talks.


NFL Team Fits

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals offensive line was running on duct tape and baling wire last season. Stating caliber talent and depth is needed along the interior offensive line where Herbig can provide some assistance.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings released Mike Remmers but reinforcements at the guard spot were needed anyway. Herbig could be a face we see at Vikings training camp.

Round Projection

5th – 6th Round