Most Expendable Rams Players: Emergency Trade Options For 2022

The Los Angeles Rams have a team loaded with talent, but what happens if the wrong person gets injured? Here's who should be on deck to be traded in an emergency.

Rams Wide Receiver Van Jefferson Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams
Rams Wide Receiver Van Jefferson Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams

Sometimes, stuff happens. While the Los Angeles Rams are still on top of the world as Super Bowl Champions, one injury could send the team into damage control mode. As such, the team needs to have a list of assets that are decently valued but expendable if an emergency trade were needed to be made to cover up a loss at a position.

To be clear, this would not be a list of players that could be cut, because if they were cut, it would imply that they had no value. This is a list of players who either have value and are at a loaded position or they could play themselves into value quickly in an overloaded position group. Either way, the players will serve as an essential emergency fund. Without further ado, here are some assets that could be used as an emergency fund in 2022:

Most Expendable Rams Players: Who Is On Deck To Be Traded In 2022 If Needed?

Allen Robinson II

Allen Robinson may have just joined the team, but the wide receiver could also be the first out the door if calamity strikes. With Cooper Kupp and many expecting free agent Odell Beckham Jr. to potentially rejoin the team in 2022, Robinson seems like a piece that could quickly regain value if he jumps off the screen so soon after leaving historically offensively troubled Chicago.

In his career, he’s had three total seasons and two of the last three seasons in which he’s earned more than 1000 yards. In 2020, Robinson was Pro Football Focus’ fifth highest graded receiver. He scored an 88.3 grade If he jumps off the screen, his value will quickly return to a usable value. That said, it would take a monumental injury to say goodbye to another potential 1000 yards.

John Wolford/Bryce Perkins

Backup quarterbacks John Wolford and Bryce Perkins have both shined at moments. Wolford has played in a playoff game while Perkins has lit up the preseason. If a team gets desperate, getting an understudy to the Super Bowl-winning quarterback could be worth a little something to the right team. As a piece in a bigger trade, either Wolford or Perkins could help bring in a stop-gap piece. If the Rams are win-now, every position should be looked at.

Choosing between Wolford and Perkins would be a tough choice today. However, this year’s preseason could prove to be the difference in deciding who is more valuable to the team. The Rams have gone to great lengths to keep Perkins stowed away on their practice squad. Wolford emerged as one of Sean McVay’s darlings. At some point in the near future, the Rams will have to choose between the two. Either way, the Rams have some decent stocks here at a position that is often seeking new blood across the NFL.

Van Jefferson/Tutu Atwell

The Rams have incredible depth at wide receiver. Van Jefferson and Tutu Atwell are two pieces that could be seen as expendable depending on how the season goes. They’re young Super Bowl champions playing under big-time wide receivers. If Odell Beckham Jr. rejoins the team, either player could be traded for decent value in an emergency.

Jefferson has already been speculated as a trade candidate when Robinson joined the team. The Rams opted to move Robert Woods, instead. Losing the speed of Atwell could hurt, but with Robinson and Kupp on the team, his loss wouldn’t hurt too much. At this point, Jefferson is already a proven commodity and a solid third option. If Robinson’s value remains low, Jefferson or Atwell could work as decent substitutions.

Rams Wide Receiver Van Jefferson Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams
Rams Wide Receiver Van Jefferson Photo Credit: Brevin Townsell | LA Rams