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In 1985, on a marine research vessel, three scientists were bored.

One of the scientists, in an attempt to lighten the mood, placed seaweed on his head and pretended to be Poseidon. The scientist finished his impression and placed the seaweed crown into the ocean.

A dolphin then swam to the surface with the seaweed crown on its head impersonating the scientist – this began the research that has enlightened us on the true intelligence of this beloved marine mammal.

The Miami Dolphins Are Now Doing Something Similar – They Are Impersonating The Cleveland Browns.

The last ranked offense in the NFL traded their most consistent offensive threat Tuesday morning for a 4th round pick.

The 24-year-old Ajayi was drafted in the 5th round of the 2015 draft. If you only look at this, the fact that the Dolphins got a 4th round pick for him seems like a win.

Except for the fact that Ajayi rushed for 1,272 yards last season with 8TD’s – 1,093 yards more than the teams second leading rusher.

The Pro-Bowl back also has three 200+ yard games under his belt.

This season Ajayi has underperformed with only 465 yards (66.5 yards/game) and 0 TD’s – but the second leading rusher on the team has 32 yards (!!!)

The Dolphins Have Yet To Score A Rushing Touchdown This Season.

Ajayi has been the workhorse behind a terrible offensive line.

In case you forgot – this guy was coaching the O-Line through Week 5.

Rumors continue to circulate that the team was looking into trading Pro-Bowl WR Jarvis Landry – especially after he posted this on Instagram.

Regardless of how you feel about these (idiotic) trades. The Dolphins are 4-3 and only 1 game back of first place in the AFC East.

The Dolphins play the Oakland Raiders Sunday night in Miami – and look on the bright side, Jay Cutler might be back. 

Matthew Deitsch

Author Matthew Deitsch

Matthew Deitsch covers the Miami Dolphins for Sports Al Dente. A South Florida native, Matt has previously worked in video production for the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and Florida Panthers. Matthew's films have screened at TriBeCa and Cannes, but with his passion for sports his career remains incredibly fascinating.

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