Melvin Ingram Is A Perfect Fit For The Rams

Field Level At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network
Field Level At SoFi Stadium. Photo Credit: Ryan Dyrud | LAFB Network

The Los Angeles Rams had the number one defense in the league a year ago and despite losing coordinator, Brandon Staley, they are likely to have a top-five caliber defense under Raheem Morris. They were a great defense despite not having a consistent pass-rusher beyond Aaron Donald and Leonard Floyd. In fact, the Rams haven’t really had anyone outside of those two that could generate pressure for years. Dante Fowler, Clay Matthews, Cory Littleton, and others have failed to become that guy on the team and yet the defense persisted.

The salary cap is once again not the Rams’ friend this year (take a drink) but there are veterans out there that are worth taking a flyer on. The perfect person, and one whom Aaron Donald has openly recruited, is Melvin Ingram. Ingram could be the difference between taking a tumble out of the top-five and not missing a beat from last year.

It was telling that the Rams chose Leonard Floyd over John Johnson. At first, it was a bummer (still is but less so), then it became clear why Les Snead did that. Floyd needed to return because if he left the cupboard was MUCH more barren at linebacker than Johnson’s departure meant for the secondary. If Floyd left they’d have a ton of young guys that haven’t really proven themselves so having him as an anchor while they figure it out at linebacker for the umpteenth year was the correct choice.

Melvin Ingram would solve so many of their problems at linebacker. On top of giving the Rams an absolute deadly Ghidorah of a pass-rushing trio along with Floyd and Donald, having him in the rotation allows more flexibility with the other starting slots.

Rookie Ernest Jones, Troy Reeder, and Kenny Young can rotate on the inside while Micah Kiser or Travin Howard get all the other starting reps. Obo Okoronkwo, Justin Lawler, Justin Hollins, and (if healthy) Terrell Lewis don’t have to be asked to do too much on the outside because of the consistency Floyd and Melvin Ingram would provide.

The Rams’ linebacker rotation is a mess right now (take a drink) but adding Melvin Ingram would also solve a problem that plagued the Rams in the playoffs. By having a third pass-rusher they don’t have to sacrifice interns and small animals to the football gods to ensure Donald doesn’t get hurt. Floyd was all the Rams had in the Packers game and that allowed Aaron Rodgers to run through them with the disdain he saves for reporters or dumb Jeopardy contestants. Having Ingram would at least allow leeway for if Donald or Floyd have to miss a game here or there (knock on wood).

Melvin Ingram wouldn’t even require the Rams to break the bank. Yes, he made $16 million last season and only played seven games registering zero sacks. That doesn’t do much for his value and might scare off fans but that season is most likely an outlier. He’s had 29 sacks over the last three seasons and has 49 overall. He’s still young enough to where he can still recapture that magic and he’s also a solid tackler on run defense which the Rams sorely need.

They have a little over $6 million to work with and if they make a couple of strategic cuts they can get upward of $8 million. Melvin Ingram could do what Floyd did a year ago and take a prove-it deal in order to bolster his value for next year. He’s not likely to fetch his market price of $16 million especially at this point in the season. A lot of teams can use him and ultimately it’s going to be up to Ingram as to what situation he wants to be in. If all the offers are the same it’s hard to imagine him turn down a chance to play on a defense with this much talent. By coming to the Rams he wouldn’t have to leave LA, he could get a ring, and if he plays his cards right, he could get PAID.

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Signing Melvin Ingram would be the best thing the Rams could do to bolster their defense. He fixes the majority of the problems they have at linebacker and he gives the young guys a chance to continue to grow and or get healthy. He would make offenses have to think twice if they want to dedicate three guys on Donald or stick with two. Donald being even a little bit less blocked would make a gigantic difference to the dynamic of this defense.

The world is Melvin Ingram’s oyster and while teams can offer him more money it would be absolutely foolish to turn down a request from Aaron Donald. Like Edna Krabappel, you only get one chance with Aaron Donald. Here’s hoping Melvin Ingram understands the grand opportunity in front of him.