Matthew Stafford Named MVP Dark Horse, Top Analysts Think Los Angeles Rams QB Has a Big Shot in 2024

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Opinions of Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford range wildly from person to person. Some rate him among the top 3 quarterbacks. Others put him in the bottom half of the league. Dan Pizzuta of the 33rd Team and Kevin Clark of ESPN are among the former. Pizzuta went on Clark’s podcast to identify a handful of NFL MVP candidates and Stafford was among the five players listed.

The other players they lump together with Stafford are Brock Purdy, Anthony Richardson, Justin Jefferson, and Aaron Rodgers.

BetOnline‘s current odds for Stafford to win MVP this season are +4000, which places him tied for 18th best odds to win. Those are implied odds of 2.44 percent. He is tied with Jared Goff. The only player from Clark’s and Pizzuta’s list with worse odds is Justin Jefferson, with +15,000.

The Case For Matthew Stafford‘s MVP Chances

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Here are the cases they made for Stafford;

“I think this is the year with expectations they’re gonna win a ton of games. Stafford’s gonna get the credit that he’s been due.”

“Every single metric shows that Stafford is just gonna have an awesome year, and if they win 12 games, and again, this is also narrative based. I think the national media doesn’t think the Rams are gonna be that good. They are. They have one of the best coaches of his era. They have a really good roster. They’ve rebuilt that defense, and so I think they’re gonna win a bunch of games for a team that I think is gonna be, someone’s gonna get credit for, and I wouldn’t be surprised nationally if it was Matthew Stafford.”

“So they’ve got this young defense that’s well thought through. I just couldn’t be more impressed with the Rams in their post all-in era and how they’ve gone about it. And Stafford is just going to be the crown jewel of all of it.”

Kevin Clark – This is Football
Matthew Stafford
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“He’s one of the most fun quarterbacks to watch. He’s easily one of the best quarterbacks in the league. So when you just kind of see what he has available to him in terms of that offense, he absolutely has a shot, and he probably should be much higher than 30 to one, I would think.”

Dan Pizzuta – 33rd Team

Matthew Stafford has only garnered MVP votes once in his career. He got four votes last season, good for 8th place. The Rams haven’t won the award since Kurt Warner took home the trophy in 2001. Every MVP winner over the last 10 seasons has been on a team with 11 wins or more.

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