Los Angeles Rams Next Opponent: Looking Ahead To The Dallas Cowboys

The Los Angeles Rams are still licking their wounds after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the NFL waits for no one. The Rams next opponent will be a tough one as the Rams face the Dallas Cowboys, arguably the most covered team in the league.

With a win against them, the Rams have a chance to put themselves back on the map in a similar fashion to how the tone is shifting in favor of Kirk Cousins after he defeated the San Francisco 49ers. Here’s an early scouting report of what’s going on with the team.

Los Angeles Rams Next Opponent: Looking Ahead To The Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Offense

The team’s offense has been one of the most covered stories in the sport. From Mike McCarthy firing Kellen Moore to promising a run-first offense, the unit has had the eyes of the world on them. Dak Prescott hasn’t been able to do much with the added attention, as he has thrown for six touchdowns and four interceptions this season.

Last year, he drew a wildfire level of heat for leading the league in interceptions. Thus far, the quarterback’s touchdown-interception ratio is essentially on the same level, despite working in a run-first offense. According to ESPN’s stat tracking, the Cowboys are 16th in the league in yards per game. In terms of yards per game, their passing offense ranks 20th. Their rushing attack, which was supposed to be the focal point of the offense, is ranked 10th.

Despite ranking somewhat lower than Cowboys fans had hoped, the team is still getting it done in terms of points per game, where they rank fifth.

CeeDee Lamb remains a force at wide receiver with almost 500 yards accrued, but swapping out Ezekiel Elliott for a full complement of Tony Pollard has left room for improvement thus far. Through six games, the running back is averaging just 3.9 yards per carry. Against the Chargers in the team’s last game, he averaged just two yards per carry.

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Cowboys Defense

At this point, this is still a team that depends on their defense to win games. While the offense has been inconsistent at times, the defense has largely been more than competent. Putting aside the ugly loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the unit hasn’t let a team score more than 17 points all season long.

In terms of total yards allowed per game, the defense ranks fifth. In addition, they’re ranked third in passing yards allowed. However, their biggest weakness is their rushing defense, which is ranked 18th in yards per game. If the Rams want to win, they’re going to need to win in the trenches and they’ll need Darrell Henderson and Royce Freeman to feast beyond what they did against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Still, don’t expect a high-scoring affair as the Cowboys defense ranks fourth in the most important stat: points per game.

Cowboys Injuries

The biggest stars the defense is missing for the game will be cornerback Trevon Diggs and linebacker Leighton Vander Esch. Both are on the injured reserve. Diggs will miss the year with an ACL tear.

Aside from those two injuries, the rest of the squad is essentially 100% healthy. They also are coming off a bye, which means even injuries too small to list on the report are likely healed.

Dak Prescott was spotted by the broadcast at one of the Houston Astros games against the Texas Rangers in the ALCS during the bye week, so it is likely that he didn’t exert much effort from traveling. That said, the Rams are likely hoping that the Cowboys relaxed a bit too much during their week off and start sluggishly.

Will the Rams get their wish?