Los Angeles Rams Hire 2x NFL Defensive Coordinator Who Was Pushed Out Of Philadelphia

Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

When Raheem Morris departed the Los Angeles Rams to take a promotion as head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, it set off a ripple effect that they’re still recovering from. Chris Shula may be taking over defensive coordinator duties, an honor he’s earned after seven seasons with the team, but other jobs still need to be filled on the Rams’ coaching staff.

Yet, the franchise has just made another key addition to the defense, by hiring a coach with previous experience as a defensive playcaller.

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Sean Desai Brings Valued Experience To Los Angeles Rams Defense

sean desai
Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Desai is most recently known for being the defensive coordinator the Philadelphia Eagles demoted mid-season last year amid their turmoil. Yet, he wasn’t the one out on the field making mistakes, meaning not all of the Eagles’ defensive failures were on Desai.

Sean McVay knows this, and Chris Shula does too. This may be why the Los Angeles Rams are now hiring Desai in what’s being described as a senior defensive role, according to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler. Desai was previously under consideration for the Rams’ defensive coordinator position before they promoted Shula, so it’s clear the organization liked what they heard during the interview process.

With Shula being tasked to call defensive plays for the first time in his NFL career, having someone who has, like Desai, on the staff could prove invaluable for the Rams. Desai not only called plays for the Eagles, but he previously did so with the Chicago Bears in 2021, too.

In total, Desai has 11 years of NFL coaching experience, and he also holds the unique distinction of being the first person of Indian descent to become a coordinator in the NFL. Still just 40 years old, Desai should have several more years of coaching ahead of him.