Los Angeles Rams Aggressive 1st Round Draft Strategy, Attempted To Trade Up With Several Teams

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The new behind-the-scenes documentary from NFL Films and Roku; NFL Draft: The Pick Is In revealed the Los Angeles Rams several failed attempts to trade up in the 2024 NFL Draft. The Rams were targeting a handful of players in the first round and were aggressively attempting to position themselves to get one of them.

Of course, we know what eventually happened. The Rams stood pat at 19 and drafted one of their top prospects, Jared Verse. But before Verse, they were angling to get ahead of the Indianapolis Colts for Brock Bowers. They, then, wanted to trade ahead of the Seattle Seahawks for Byron Murphy II.

There were also reports that the Los Angeles Rams attempted to trade up with the Atlanta Falcons as well.

Los Angeles Rams Trade Attempts For Bowers

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The Rams first attempted to trade up to 10 with the New York Jets to get Bowers. The Rams initially offered 19 and 52, which was rejected. They threw pick 99 in to sweeten the deal. No dice.

Rams general manager Les Snead then wanted to pivot to Minnesota. But head coach Sean McVay correctly surmised they would want JJ McCarthy at that spot. A quick phone call to Rams former QB coach and current Vikings head coach cleared up that notion.

McVay was convinced that the Colts would take Bowers if he fell that far. This caused them to pivot to the next team willing to trade back, the Las Vegas Raiders. It turned out the Raiders wanted Bowers, they turned away the Rams offer of 19 and 52 and drafted the tight end.

Los Angeles Rams Trade Attempts For Murphy

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The Ram then shifted their attention to getting Murphy.

“We’ll be reasonable, but try and go up and get Murphy,” McVay said, “I would try to get this guy. He makes a huge difference to me. I just don’t think he’ll get past 16. I’m not saying reckless but he’s way better than anyone.”

The Rams attempted to sneak ahead of the Seattle Seahawks by offering the Colts’ picks 19, 99, and 154 to move up to 15. No go. The Colts picked Laiatu Latu and the Seahawks ended up taking Murphy at 16.

Los Angeles Rams Go Verse or Bust

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At this point, it was Verse or trade back for the Rams.

Snead: “If Verse goes, you think about trading back?”

McVay: “Definitely. If he goes, definitely. I’d move back. If not, stay there and take him.”