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Los Angeles Chargers Top Free Agents to Target

Fresh off an impressive 12-4 regular season record, the Los Angeles Chargers have a lot of work to do. Woefully, the reality of free agency and contract negotiations are upon us. Once again, the NFL offseason is guaranteed to bring new faces to teams looking to compete for a title. In particular, the Chargers must now focus on potential free agents from other teams. To get over the AFC hump in the playoffs, notable free agents must be added.

The Need for Speed

At the wide receiver position, the Chargers are not exactly hurting in talent. For instance, the success of Philip Rivers throwing to Keenan Allen and Mike Williams has been special. The talent of those key player’s has proven to be a daunting matchup for defensive backs. In particular, the strength of Melvin Gordon III receiving has had a positive effect on the Chargers passing game. But, against teams such as the New England Patriots, it simply wasn’t enough.

The addition of free agent Randall Cobb would upgrade the Chargers passing game. Cobb has made a living terrorizing defensive backs with his ability to operate in small spaces. As a Packer, Cobb has helped Aaron Rodgers excel in the art of the ad-lib. Basically, when the play breaks down, Cobb can make something out of nothing. A small, yet fast, slot guy with championship experience is exactly what the Chargers need. A Rivers to Cobb connection on quick throws can bring creativity to the Chargers playbook.

More Defensive Presence

On defense, Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram have solidified the Bolts defensive end position. The addition of Derwin James at the strong safety position has not gone unnoticed. But, key positions such as defensive tackle are in limbo. Consequently, the Chargers must add a free agent that can elevate their defensive tenacity. Hence, the addition of defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson of the Minnesota Vikings. Richardson can ultimately provide run stopping stability on the defensive line. Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley’s 4-3 system would surely excel with Richardson on the roster.

Rebuilding the Squad

Routinely, teams can always find a plugin player to fit their scheme. Unfortunately, the Chargers can’t just settle for an overrated, or average player. To compete in the AFC, the Chargers will need established player’s on their roster. Player’s such as Cobb and Richardson can help the Chargers challenge the Chiefs for the AFC West title. The Bolts finished their stellar season ranked 11th in offense and 9th in defense. To build off this success, more pieces will need to be added. By effectively rebuilding through free agency, the Chargers can ensure another strong season.

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