Los Angeles Chargers QB Thrives Under Pressure: New Data Reveals 2nd Half Comeback Ability

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Regardless of what anyone says about what makes a quarterback great, ripping victory from the claws of defeat encompasses every skill that is required of a quarterback: leadership, cool-headed decision-making, complete situational awareness, and competitive drive. Not to mention the ability to make the throws under immense pressure.

According to the latest data from Sharp Football Analytics, Los Angeles Chargers quarterback, Justin Herbert is one of the best in the biz when it comes to doing just that. Based on the 2023 regular season, Herbert had the 4th highest EPA/ attempt when trailing in the second half.

Herbert trails only Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, and surprisingly Will Levis.

Los Angeles Chargers Comeback QB

Herbert was forced to play from behind in six of the 12 games he played in last season. And seven times in those games, Herbert threw a touchdown pass that tied or took the lead.

His efforts in 2023 didn’t result in many wins, but a less-than-adequate showing by the defense often thwarted him.

Herbert has proven, not only in 2023 to be a comeback kid. He currently ranks 15th among all active quarterbacks in mounting 4th quarter comebacks with 11. He leads all quarterbacks that were drafted since 2020. He is only two comebacks behind Josh Allen who was drafted in 2018 and three behind Patrick Mahomes who was drafted in 2017.

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