Predicting The Los Angeles Chargers Most Improved Defensive Players of 2024

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Let’s face it, not everyone had a stellar 2023 season. But the new Los Angeles Chargers coaching staff offers a reset. And what better place to prove that you’ve been working hard all offseason and are ready for a fresh start than training camp?

It’s easy to predict who will be the most exciting to watch but aren’t you more curious about the guys that may surprise you, pulling out some moves that make you think they’re really ready for the season? I’m looking for those guys, and below are some that I think may rise to the top during training camp, setting themselves up for a better 2024: 

Predicting The Los Angeles Chargers Most Improved Players of 2024

Joey Bosa, Edge Rusher 

Joey Bosa is so talented that it’s hard to say he’ll be “most improved” but at the same time, it’s true. He’s been injured so much over the last two years that though we know he’s good, it’s almost hard to believe since he hasn’t shown solid production for a couple of seasons. Training camp is going to be Bosa’s time to get more comfortable with the new coaching staff and get reacquainted with his edge rusher partners in crime, Khalil Mack and Tuli Tuipulotu. And if he can stay healthy, he’s going to excel and come full throttle into the season. 

Derwin James, Safety 

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Like Bosa it’s weird to say that someone as good as Derwin James may be a “most improved” player, but with the way this staff is going to utilize him, I think his best football is ahead. He had a bit of a downswing last year due to overuse and with more focus, James should return to his old, dominant self. I’m excited to see his performance throughout camp because I know he’s just going to take off with proper coaching.

Daiyan Henley, Linebacker 

Daiyan Henley didn’t fully have a chance to get started last year as he missed some time at the start of the season due to a hamstring injury, and out of the games he did play, he only had a handful of snaps outside of special teams. It was a disappointing showing for someone who had been so dominant and physical in training camp and preseason. He just needs to get some momentum back and I have a feeling he’ll be a standout during camp once again.

JT Woods, Safety

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This is a big year for JT Woods as he enters the second to last year of his rookie contract. He hasn’t gotten a lot of playing time so this will be the year he really has to prove himself. These preseason games and training camp are going to tell a lot about the direction he’s headed and if he can win that third safety spot. If he’s up to the task, he may be one of the ones to watch during camp.

Kristian Fulton, Cornerback 

Kristian Fulton joined the Chargers this offseason on a one-year deal. He’s had several hamstring injuries that have plagued him for a couple of seasons. Fulton mentioned in his press conference in May that he was excited for a fresh start and felt like the players and the coaches were on the same page. If he can stay healthy, he and Asante Samuel Jr. will hopefully hold this unit up while Ja’Sir Taylor finds his footing entering his third year and the rookies get acclimated. Fulton has training camp to prove that he can play a big role this season and if he does, perhaps LA will become his permanent home as opposed to just a pit stop.

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