Former Los Angeles Chargers Edge Rusher Predicts Jim Harbaugh’s Year-1 Win Total

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Former Los Angeles Chargers edge rusher Shawne Merriman joined the Chargers Unleashed podcast to talk all things Bolts with hosts Jake Hefner and Dan Wolkenstein. So far, Merriman likes what he sees from the new regime.

Shawne Merriman’s Thoughts On The 2024 Chargers Offseason

“If you look at the offseason moves they’ve made right now, they’re making some identity moves, right?, Merriman says, “This team has been lacking that for some time. Who are they? Are they a physical team?
Are they a speed team? Are they a finesse team? They have no identity. Look at Jim Harbaugh and the way they’re establishing what they’re trying to build now, they’re sending a message to everybody at AFC West. We’re gonna run the football. We’re gonna protect Justin Herbert. We’re gonna go out and get two running backs and Gus and JK. Dobbins.”

“I think they made so many moves to send a message to the AFC West in general, but also to the center thier identity. This is who we’re going to be, guys. We’re going to be a physical team. We’re running the ball. And then when we need to, we’ll throw the ball down the field”

The Los Angeles Chargers New Identity Under Jim Harbaugh

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Merriman is a self-professed ‘meat-head’ and likes not only that they are choosing an identity, but is very supportive of the hard-nosed, tough brand of football the Chargers will be playing.

When was the last time you seen a strength and conditioning coach in a press conference. We haven’t seen it. The reason why Jim Harbaugh has so much success early on is because he comes in and turn things around from the day he walks in.”

“He’s talking about getting guys in the weight room today and competing today, getting these offseason workouts. That’s how you change things right away. Because you’re going to weed out the guys that don’t want to be there. I mean, they got some guys in there that doesn’t want to be a part of the program. So you’re going to weed those guys out starting on the offseason.”

Merriman’s 2024 Record Prediction: 12 Wins

Merriman likes the direction the Chargers are going so much he predicted a seven-game swing from 2023 to 2024,

“I think they’re going to do a lot of damage this year. I see them winning 12 games this year.”

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