Expert Maintains Los Angeles Chargers Made the Right Pick 2 Years Later

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Re-drafting has become one of the favorite offseason exercises among analysts and fans. It clarifies the talent found in drafts, because, as they say, hide sight IS 20/20. Ian Valentino of the 33rd team recently embarked on the process of lending his hindsight to the 2022 NFL draft.

While most re-drafts upend every pick from 1 to 32, which Valentino’s largely does, one particular pick goes untouched. The Los Angeles Chargers #17 still goes to picking Zion Johnson.

With the 17th Overall Pick, The Los Angeles Chargers Select..

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This is what Valentino wrote of the pick;

We haven’t kept many picks the same, but Zion Johnson to the Los Angeles Chargers was a popular mock draft match for a reason. Johnson has been exactly what the Chargers had hoped, providing stability for a line that hasn’t had much in years.

He ranked 63rd of all NFL linemen in production above average for Sports Info Solutions, highlighting that he’s already an above-average player at his position.

Johnson was drafted out of Boston College at the age of 22, meant to be the second elite piece of the Chargers offensive line to support Justin Herbert, who was drafted in 2020. Rashawn Slater, the first piece was added in the draft the year before in the draft. Johnson was a day-one starter and has played in 33 of 35 possible games. In his first season, he moved from left guard to right. The next he moved back to his more experienced spot on the left side.

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