Larry Fitzgerald Hits Another Milestone Vs. Chiefs

Larry Fitzgerald
Larry Fitzgerald Photo Credit: Football Schedule-Under Creative Commons License

Larry Fitzgerald is an amazing man off the football field. There isn’t enough time to really delve into the greatness that is Larry Fitzgerald the person. In addition, there really isn’t enough time to appreciate the greatness of the future hall of famer on the football field. However, with his six catches for fifty yards on Sunday, number 11 moved to number two of all-time in receiving yards behind only Jerry Rice.

Larry Fitzgerald does not care about his numbers at all and he is the ultimate team-first guy which simply adds to his level of special. He currently has 15,934 receiving yards for his career and still going. The yards are impressive but what is most impressive about this feat is the fact that he has done this all for the Arizona Cardinals. He is the only one in the top five for receiving yards to have only played for one team. He has also not had the luxury that some of the others near the top of the list when it comes to quarterback play.

Coming into this year he has had 17 different quarterbacks throw him a pass throughout the course of his career. Since the start of the season, you can add two more to the list with Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen. Just for some context, here are some of the name of guys he has played with: John Navarre, Matt Leinart, Tim Rattay, Brian St. Pierre, Max Hall, John Skelton and Rich Bartel. That is not all of them, but you can see the picture. Yes, he did have great years with Hall of Famer Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer but largely speaking it’s been a crapshoot. He never has once complained. Wide receivers are widely regarded as divas and man is Fitz far from a diva. He throws his hand in the pile and will do whatever it takes to help the team win.

As long as Larry continues to play he will continue to climb all receiving record lists. He deserves to play at this stage of his career with a contender to compete for a championship, but then again that is anti-Fitz. That would provide too much attention to just him as he would want it to be about the team, which is just another reason why he is a true Hall of Famer both on and off the field.