Kevin Demoff Writes A Letter To Rams Fans, Recent Rams FA News, Preparing For The 2023 NFL Draft

The Rams' front office has been very forthcoming about the Rams' recent transactions. But is that enough to ease the fans?

The Rams‘ front office has been very forthcoming about the Rams’ recent transactions. Les Snead addressed the Rams’ media team 3 weeks ago to lay out the blueprint for 2023-2025, and Kevin Demoff followed up over the weekend with a letter to all Rams fans, addressing the recent departures, the organization’s mentality over the past 6+ years, and their willingness to fight for long-term, sustainable success after winning a Super Bowl in their home stadium. Some believe it’s admirable and trust the organization’s decision-making; others are overly cautious of what’s to come. Additionally, we cover the most recent former Rams who’ve departed to new organizations, as well as the compensatory pick process and how it affects the 2024 draft.

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