Kelly Stafford Admits She Used Backup Boyfriend to Anger Matthew Stafford

Credit: Mandi Wright / USA TODAY NETWORK

When the Los Angeles Rams traded for Matthew Stafford in 2021, he brought his longtime wife, Kelly, and their four daughters with him to California. Ever since, the family has become some of the Rams’ biggest fans and, of course, Stafford’s most loyal supporters.

But there was a time, early in the duo’s relationship, when Kelly wasn’t so sure about being Matt’s closest confidant.

Kelly Stafford discusses her ‘backup boyfriend’ strategy

Recently, during her appearance on the Off the Vine with Kristin Bristowe podcast, Kelly revealed she once used a ‘backup boyfriend’ to ignite the relationship between her and her now husband since 2015.

“At first, I hated him. I loved him. I dated the backup to piss him off, which worked. He was the bad boy too like Matthew’s so sweet and Southern gentleman and all that stuff and the backup was the complete opposite. It upset him which it worked thankfully.”

Kelly Stafford on dating a backup to anger Matthew Stafford

Clearly, the backup never became the starter, and Matthew proved he was worthy of a lengthy relationship, which began sometime between 2006 and 2008 during their time together at Georgia. Maybe that unknown time period was when the backup interfered with Stafford’s off-field pursuits.

Like Frodo, Matthew got the ring in the end, and everyone, well, the Staffords, can live happily ever after. Who knows what happened to the backup, but he’s definitely not the Los Angeles Rams’ starting quarterback.

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