Jerry Rice Named Honrary Chairman Of The 49ers Foundation

49ers Foundation
Jerry Rice has been named Honorary Chairman of the 49ers Foundation. Photo Credit: lilszeto via Creative Commons License.

The San Francisco 49ers have been involved in Bay Area communities through programs like the 49ers Foundation, which has been around for 27 years. This foundation empowers and educates the youth of the Bay Area through partnerships with STEAM education, youth football programs, and nonprofits.

It was due to work such as this that the team was voted as the 2017 ESPN Sports Humanitarian Team of the Year. Players are often involved in these endeavors and the community often feels like a part of the team. Their work off the field is part of the reason what makes the 49ers franchise so iconic.

On Wednesday the 49ers announced that Jerry Rice will be the honorary chairman of the 49ers Foundation. While this brings the foundation a great deal of publicity, it is intriguing to see where they view him as a part of their structure.

“The 49ers Foundation has been around for nearly three decades and does a lot of great work to help underserved kids across the Bay Area,” said Rice. “I’m excited to team up with them to give our youth a better shot at being great.”

His duties will include appearing at the events the foundation plans throughout the year. He is expected to work alongside the foundation to elevate their charitable contributions to the community.

The 49ers donated more than $4 million in 2017 and more than $40 million in total. These donations have helped organizations such as the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute and the 49ers EDU. With his stature in the NFL combined with the 49ers charitable efforts, the community can only benefit from this honor bestowed upon one of the game’s greats.